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Re: Kate Bush on WHFS

From: think!harvard!topaz!jerpc.PE.UUCP
Date: Sun, 8 Dec 85 20:04:33 est
Subject: Re: Kate Bush on WHFS

> Did she perhaps astrally project herself over Annapolis and tune
> her body to the vibes or frequency to listen to it?  Or is she
> perhaps lying????

My goodness, you haven't been studying your logic!  Don't you
see... if she never flies over Annapolis, the statement is
vacuously true... she never listens to the station, but then she
never flies over Annapolis (she doesn't like airplanes,
remember?), so obviously, whenever she flies over Annapolis, she
DOES tune in the station.

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> Oh by the way, I detest apartheid as much as I detest disinformation.
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Good to see a Lewis Carroll fan here...