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Re: Martha and the Muffins

From: hound!hejira
Date: Sat, 7 Dec 85 15:07:05 est
Subject: Re: Martha and the Muffins

> From: Marek W. Lugowski <think!harvard!seismo!iuvax!marek>
> Subject: Martha and the Muffins

> "do you suppose..."  that being called "Martha and the Muffins" robbed the
> band of prominence on the new music scene?  After all, where is the
> obligatory anal/phallic/political/medical/randomly-jarring reference? 

Perhaps in the title (after all, what's a muffin? --A type of bun..) -- and
certainly in the lyrics:

	"Communication happens out on the floor
	 They dance until two, fuck until four..." 
		 - ("What People do for Fun" -- _Danseparc_)

Where in the hell did they get their name anyway????

	- Rob Preston	<ihnp4!hound!hejira   -- AT&T Bell Labs>

	  "I'm just a symptom of the moral decay that's gnawing at the
	   heart of the country..."