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From: H. Chai <utflis!allegra!ihnp4!utcsri!chai>
Date: Fri, 6 Dec 85 11:31:31 est
Subject: KB _NOW_

In last week's _NOW_, "Toronto's Weekly News and Entertainment Voice",
the cover was Ms Bush with the caption "Kate Bush Breaks out".  In the 
full page article, "Bush's Bridges", it was mentioned that KB was here 
in Toronto "recently", and in the photos her hair goes halfway down her 
upper arms.  That probably means that she wore a wig for _Cloudbusting_, 
unless her hair grows real fast.

Some notabe quotes :
"... the Ninth Wave in many ways was conceived to be turned into a film, 
so that's something I've been thinking about.  It may be extended to even 
an hour but again that's a huge commitment but it definitely attracts me."

"A tour can only realistically be done if you've put pieces of music on a record
with as much care as possible and then do a show of that. It all comes from the
songwriting so the problem there is commitment and time.  It's not that I
don't want to do it and I love the idea that people want me to tour but it seems
highly unlikely at this point."  Elsewhere in the article it was mentioned that 
"she's likely not play a string of live engagements in the next year".

-- henry

p.s. _NOW_ carries _Life_In_Hell_ also