The Cathy Demos

Cover of Cathy's Home Demos

For more information on The Cathy Demos, see Wieland Willker's Phoenix. These lyrics originally came from there.)

First transcribed by Andrew B. Marvick (IED), later on improved and corrected by various love-hounds (e.g. Bryan Dongray, Emmy May Lombaerts, Violet... ).

We should all try to use the Phoenix broadcast titles, because they seem to be correct. At least no inconsistencies have been found. IED's titles are given in brackets.

Everybody is invited and encouraged to listen carefully again to the difficult passages. Some are almost inaudible. Present your ideas to Love-Hounds! I have numbered the lines to make the discussion easier. I have added some annotations e.g. differences between the demos and the album versions and different suggestions for the uncertain lines. WIE


"Hell, IED's been listening to the 1976 demos practically every day for three months or more now, and he still doesn't really have anything concrete to say about them--only that they are an unassailable, incontrovertible proof that God is living among us."

Track listing:

Let me have it, let me grab your soul away