** M O M E N T S **

Cover 0f The Red Shoes

A Red Shoes


And these moments given
Are a gift from time
Just let us try
To give these moments back
To those we love
To those who will survive
(Kate Bush)

Written by Love-Hounds
compiled and edited
Wieland Willker
August 1995

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Table of Contents:

0.1 Intro

0.2. List of Contributors


1.0. History

1.1. Dawn
1.2. Pre-History
1.3. Aspel
1.4. Tower Records, NYC 12/93
1.5. Convention '94
1.6. Misc./History


2.0. The Music

2.1. Lyrics and Credits
2.2. LH comments on songs
2.3. Impressions/Feelings on the whole Album


3.0. The Film

3.1. The pre-Film Videos
3.2. The Red Shoes - Story and Film
3.3. The Line, The Cross And The Curve


4.0. Words

4.1. The Charts
4.2. Discography


5.0. Miscellaneous

5.1. The Man I Love
5.2. Sexual Healing
5.3. Fruitopia

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