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[Here is the text of John's advertisement for Cathy, a book of his photographic portraits of Kate as a child. The advertisement first appeared in issue number 20 of the Newsletter.]

Kindlight are pleased to announce the first of a planned series of three books featuring photographs of Kate Bush taken by John Carder Bush. John has been photographing Kate since she was a child, and his work in more recent years for her record covers is known worldwide.

Cathy, the first book, is now completed. Cathy gives a fascinating glimpse into the childhood of a young person who has grown into the remarkable and famous adult. As she poses for the photographs, often at times snatched after school, an image builds up of what this little girl's world was like. These innocent moments are linked with the thoughts and memories of her photographer-brother as he printed and prepared the pictures for publication. Cathy contains neither gossip nor scandal. It is a gentle, very personal view of childhood, and for those already familiar with Kate as a modern-day artist, it is a treasure-trove of echoes and evocations.

Great care and time have been taken in the design and presentation of this book. The result is a fine art Special Edition on hand-folded paper with duotone black-and-white photographs, hardbacked and linen-bound, in its own slipcase.

Cathy is available only by post from Kindlight, P.O. Box 30, Welling, Kent, DA16 3DL.

[The last time I saw an advertisement for this book, I believe the price was (gulp) 36 Pounds Sterling, including overseas postage.]

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