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Katemas Parties, Pt. 1

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Date: Tue, 12 Aug 86 15:39:42 EDT
From: UN*X S*X SL*VE <hofmann@AMSAA.ARPA>
Subject: Pass da Margaritas.

Anyway, back to this party - we want the DEtails. Who started the Orgy? When did the police arrive? Who was the lady crumpled up on the toilet with needle in her arm? Were you able to scrape up Tim's droppings? Where's Doug's bong? and his Kate pubic hairs? Did anyone figure out how to remove the leather mask from Shelli's face? And did she tell why she changed the spelling of her name? What's with this "i" stuff, anyway, Shel?

By the WAY: While you decadent popstar groupies were potying, I was conducting IMPORTANT scientific tests with my Kate Bush Big Sky 12" and some cool hardcore records. Well, I don't know if this means anything but I was able to fling the KT 12" about 120 feet but the hardcore slabs wouldn't go no further than 93 feet. Therefore, based on my scientific tests, Kate wins and is cooler than hardcore.



Date: Tue, 12 Aug 86 16:31 PDT
Subject: Good news (West Coast party?); bad news (JC or KT?)

> I'll bE Damned. now that doug is having a katemas partY three thOUsand miles away, how come theRe is noThing from oUR biggest kb faNatic this side of the mississippi river? fu-sheng

Message(s) received and point taken, Fu-Sheng. Attention, all Western-based Love-Hounds:

As a point of honour, efforts must be made by the better half of the pack to match Nessus's recent demonstration of Bush Bashing.

Therefore, IED would like to give a little party for So-Cal Love-Hounds at his house in West Los Angeles, but first he would really like to know how many L-Hs such an occasion might attract. Doug, could you let him know if there are three of us or thirty out here? Greatly appreciated.

IED has a nice venue, but one drawback: since this sort of affair usually centers around a video screen, IED would like to set the date of the party sometime after August 29, by which time he will have a house to himself, and will probably have been able to procure a 20XBR. As for the party itself, video will be the word of the day. IED is equipped with Beta Hi-fi (and 8mm), but not with VHS, so if anyone out here can provide one for the evening, the atmosphere will be much improved. Also, who might want to help with the refreshments? And of course, we'll have show-and-tell time for collectors.


Date: Fri, 15 Aug 86 23:59 PDT
Subject: KulTrivia

IED wants to emend his statement that the establishment of "serious Kate fan" status be a prerequisite for attending the West Coast premiere of Love-Hounds' live act. This was intolerant. Anyone prepared to watch poor-quality bootleg videotape of a British pop star for many hours, surrounded by eccentric enthusiasts who study her every living action, is welcome, whether similarly disposed or not.

Concerning the party, the tentative date is Sunday, August 30th. This is because Saturday is the first opportunity IED will have to prepare the venue's house for an onslaught of fanatics, and September is perilously close to some people's school plans. If by chance the first weekend in September is NOT inconvenient, however, please let this be known.

By the way, anyone with what he thinks is obscure KT video or other lionhearted ephemera -- please bring it along. There are two items from which the evening in question could benefit: a VHS VCR (although one will be rented if none is volunteered for the evening), and a Laser video-disc player (stereo, if such a distinction is applicable in that medium), on which latter instrument might be played the two video discs (already in the host's possession), for the sake of newcomers to the KulT.

Is Allen (sp?) Watson III out there somewhere? IED, for one, read with fascination his exquisitely polished essay on chord progressions in Kate's music (in BT 10), from which much was learned, and much more curiosity aroused.

Speaking of polished and thought-provoking essays, thanks from IED to Gregory for his wise and convincing appeals for toleration. And he's right to push for further analysis of Christian (and other religious) referents in KT: much is there, doubtless not all of it conscious.


Date: Tue, 19 Aug 86 16:07 PDT
Subject: a KaTalogue, (ad-)Dressed to the Nine(th)s

Enough of that. Just remember, there will be a spot quiz on the above problems at the party.

gniddi KT suj

Speaking of the party, a 20XBR is now in residence and will be ready for duty on the 31st.


Date: Mon, 08 Sep 86 12:36 PDT

For those two or three unlucky L-Hs who didn't manage to attend, the west coast party was something you'd rather not hear about -- it'll only make you want to kick yourselves.

An amazing success. Special thanks to Mick Karn for showing up, to Ezmira for the belly dance, and above all to the audio surprise

-- AMAZING, Kate, thank you, thank you, thank you. (Yes, she DID telephone!!!) IED did record the call and will provide an EDITED transcript for those pathetic no-shows who missed out on all.


Date: Tue, 9 Sep 86 07:57 EDT
From: Mark Katsouros <KATSOURO@UMDD>
Subject: KT call


You mean Kate called????? Did anyone know she was going to? Hell, I would've flown to the damn party had I known that! There went my chance to propose. (kick, *ouch*, kick, *ouch*, kick, *ouch*...)

Mark Kat(e)souros

"See the backles on the Kat, standing."


Date: Wed, 10 Sep 86 20:39 PDT
Subject: KrIED over spilT water under the bridge

By the way, folks, Mick Karn didn't show up, no-one named Ezmira (or anybody else) did any belly-dancing, and Kate didn't call. IED was just feeling spiteful after his party fizzled (three people showed up!), and wanted to make the absentees squirm. Peter Alfke and bevies of women, where were you, eh? Hey, Oleg -- some "club"!


From: tracyr@uunet.uu.net (jane smallberries)
Date: Mon, 31 Jul 89 15:23:55 PDT
Subject: boxing day

hello love-hounds, on this monday afternoon of july 31st.

i'm feeling all sad and nostalgic now that katemas is past (and what a good one--thanks lovehounds, youknowwhoyouare). like when i was a kid, and felt depressed the day after christmas. sigh. (apologies to jon drukman for expressing these softer emotions, but this is usenet, not art. :-) )

first of all, manymanythanks to everyone who attended the west-coast katemas & contributed your own, unique brand of kate-fanism. and ofcourse i must extend special thanks to ied for making the journey, and bringing his amazing, unbelievable, incredible, collection of kate "junk". you outdid yourself, andy. it was as if a clothesline laden with freshly washed clothes fell onto the ground in a giant pile, only to be instantly attacked by a litter of puppies eagerly snatching brightly colored bits of cloth, and happily scattering them about the yard. and the nationwide phonecalls, and synchronized singing of "happy birthday" with the north-west KonTigenT! and talking to |>oug on a real telephone, and getting the real story on the origin of his foofy "|>". (btw |>oug, you musn't work so hard--your presense is sorely missed.) sigh. what a soujourn.

and for those of you who haven't had the pleasure of meeting ied's alter ego, andrew marvick, here's the scoop: he's really a very gentle, friendly, generous, and extremely amiable fellow. it's true, folks. sort of like the ghandi of kate-dom--his only aim is to serve:

you wanna' wear some of his kate buttons?

- certainly!

you want to put up all his posters?

- but of course!

they fall down repeatedly?

- no problem, really.

you want another interview tape before the next video?

- sounds good.

you want to see the vegetarian cookery interview in kate's backyard again?

- oh yes, it's so cool!

he even READ US SHORT STORIES, WRITTEN BY KATE!!!!! need i say more??

so see you all next year, if not before (at the pre-concert gathering in west l.a.).



Date: Tue, 1 Aug 89 09:26:42 PDT
From: ide!lofdahl@Sun.COM (Corey Lofdahl)
Subject: Katemas-California 89

I am full in the flush of Kate-ness after a truly enjoyable Katemas party. Being a Californian, I'd like to share the experience with Love-Hounds everywhere:


First off, I must confess I felt a certain hesitation to attend the party. I've been a Love Hound for a while, but I was a little concerned about meeting the people. What if I didn't know enough about KT? What if I wasn't sufficiently devotional? What if these people were really weird? And my friends and family certainly weren't any help. "What are you doing this weekend?", they would inquisitively ask. "Going to celebrate Katemas in Santa Cruz with people I've never met", I would innocently answer. And then they'd give me this look.

You know the look, like when you come into close contact with something incomprehensible and disturbing, like a Tim Moroney posting 8-]. I felt compelled to add "Katemas is Kate Bush's birthday, she'll be 31". "Is she going to be there?" they'd ask, still giving me that look. I'd get my own look, "Do you know who Kate Bush is?" and receive, That Look. Then I'd naively try to explain, I would try to articulate, indeed, I would try to convey the feeling that she's more than a singer, more than a musician, more than a writer. She explores subjects I've never considered. She expands my understanding of the human condition, of emotion, of life itself. She, she ...

"Is she hot?", they would ask, interrupting.

"Hotter than Martha Quinn." "Wow"

But what can you do with these people? As Kurt Vonnugut said, "Like so many Americans, they were trying to create a life that made sense from things they found in gift shops". From Max Headroom to Sylvester Stalone, from Jackie Collins to Harold Robbins, from Debbie Gibson to Tiffany, these people have experienced everything that American mass media has to offer. They've been there and back. So alone and vaguely discouraged, I set out across the magnificently beautiful, yet treacherously rugged Santa Cruz mountains to find the meaning of Katemas. 45 minutes later, I was about to celebrate Katemas for the first time, and change my life.

The party was in a nice apartment complex in north Santa Cruz. In the parking lot I ran into Dan, who saw the ravens, who exhibited his Love Hound-ness by looking very lost. So together we trekked off to search for the meaning of Katemas. After several minutes of classic wondering around, we heard the siren song of KT. Upon entering Tracy's apartment, I felt instantly comfortable. They had all the traditional Katemas decorations up: KT posters hung everywhere (and I mean everywhere), Katemas compact disks, singles, books, and clothing on the floor, and Katemas carols (TWS) on the traditional Katemas laser disk. Just as Kate knows that details are important, Tracy does too. In the bathroom there were KT posters for looking, KT articles for reading, and a cassette recorder with obsKuriTies I for listening, so that even during those few moments, her guests wouldn't have to miss a single minute of Katemas celebration.

Upon entering this veritable Katextravaganza, introductions were made, but I confess to being transfixed by the laser-disk images of Kate. After this momentary lapse of reason, I fell into conversation with the other Love-Hounds who were exploring Andrew's travelling Kate show on the floor like ... kids on Katemas morning. It's incredible, but Tom actually went to school with and lived across the hall from this girl that I knew briefly while living in New York. Isn't that incredible? Naturally and instantaneously we were like, practically brothers, like. Just about this time Larry arrived with his "KTISGOD" California license plate. VERY impressive, but Andrew had to hold IED back. It was touch and go, but he handled it and is now probably stronger because of it.

To help get his mind off the whole license plate thing, Andrew put some KT interviews on the traditional Katemas Betamax. The shock was truly, well ... shocking. Where do these interviewers come from? Each and every one of these interviewers had serious, serious dain bramage, and it's easy to understand why KT might have a serious aversion to the good ole USofA. She was put on a TV special with Dr. Hook and the Travelling Drug Cabinet, and had to be interviewed by all seven of these drugstore cowboys. It was like a British person's worst nightmare. I can't remember exactly how the interview progressed, but I can make something up.

"OOOOOO WEEEEEE, ain't Kate a cute one Billy-Bob".

"I'll say, she's a keeper Bobby-Jim".

"That sure was a pretty song, where are you from anyway".


"OOOWWWW! Sum'n poked me! Let's change places Jonny-Joe".

"Sure-Nuf Joe-Billy".

"Oohh,Ungh. Much better now, Boy that smarts!"

"That's about all the time we have to chat, introduce the next song Jimmy-Dave"

"The next song is duh ... duh ... Delicious"

"Kate-Bob's pretty delicious too [canned laughter]"

Then there was the Night-Flight interview, which you might suspect would be intelligent and well thought out, but you'd be wrong. The lady asking the questions had a tough time completing sentences and would ask things like:

"Instruments. The Fairlight? Started with the Dreaming?"

"Music. What kind listen to you do? Music."

"So you're English?"

"Where's Kent?"

Penetrating questions all. And after each answer she would, "HHHmmmm", like a psychologist. But the highlight was when she asked Kate if she used backup singers for HoL, and Kate answered "no". The interviewer didn't believe her. She actually went back, checked her notes, and then said, "Oh yes you did. It says so here". Wouldn't Kate know? She was there after all. It's HER album! Do You KNOW WHO KATE IS! WHAT IS YOUR PROBLEM!!! Kate was cool though.

And then we read the People Magazine review of HoL, a true classic. It should be posted in it's entirety, but the caption underneath Kate's picture was, "Album not as cheerful as picture". "And the editors lost their collective bladder control over the new Jetts album, everyone agreed it was real peppy ..."

About this time the calls started arriving. The spirit of Katemas so swept up Love-Hounds from all across the country that in a joyous manifestation of the Katian spirit, inter-state communication simply had to be achieved. The east-coasters called, Andrew talked, and we all screamed "HI!" as loud as we could. But the real party-aminals are up in Seattle. These guys are true maniacs, in every sense of the word. They had 26 people at their party, and everyone of them wanted to talk to Andrew. Andrew got tired, and people just started spontaneously talking to other people. Hell, it was their bill. The call culminated with everyone putting on their traditional Katemas party hats, singing Happy Birthday to Kate *SIMULTANEOUSLY* in both Santa Cruz and Seattle, and then blowing out the traditional Katemas candles. It was a beautiful experience.

Time to crank up the video-disk again, with Andrew treating us to his KT video insights which I found highly entertaining, especially, "The Big Sky". I'm not simply interested in this particular video; I don't even particularly want this video; I outright need this video. Under Andrew's careful tutelage, I even gained a new appreciation for "Experiment IV" which until that point had left me kind of cold. I should mention at this point, that though Andrew had more reasonable and rational Kate knowledge, Tom, who I mentioned previously, was a veritable fountain of Katian ideas throughout the day. Though currently studying Computer Science, an activity that has destroyed many great minds, given the proper training Tom could easily reach the top echelons of Kate-Bushology. We should all wish him well.

By now it was getting rather late, and we took a memorial picture to commemorate the event. It will soon be digitized, put in easy to retrieve bitmap format for almost effortless retrieval, and stored at the Night-Flight home office in New York City, which is in New York. Just call and ask for the dumb interviewer and simply say "I want the Love-Hounds Katemas-California 89 bitmap", and she will reply, "Where's California? What's a Love-Hound? What's Katemas? What's a bitmap? When's lunch? HHmmmm ...".

At this point it was late and time to leave. My last memory is of a room full of faithful Kate celebrants (the kateful?), watching the Hammersmith video. What did I learn? Andrew has a lot of Kate stuff, and is a nice guy; I don't know about IED. If Andrew ever gives a Kate class, I want to take it. It's also possible to spend 8+ hours engrossed in KT and not get overwhelmed because she's so talented, varied, and interesting. She's also hotter than Martha Quinn and Stevie Nicks put together. Andrew and Tom opened entire new vistas of symbolism for me. And finally, it's possible to meet 15 new people and have a great time because KT fans just happen to be fabulous. Merry Katemas.

I'd like to thank Tracy for hosting and feeding us,

Larry for bringing the KTISGOD license plate,

Dave for bringing the KT laser discs and setup,

Andrew for bringing amazing amounts of Kate paraphernalia,

Tom for his insightful and exuberant analyses,

and everybody else for being there.



Date: Tue, 1 Aug 89 15:07:54 PDT
From: Steve Schonberger <microsoft!stevesc@uunet.UU.NET>
Subject: Katemas party report

The northwest Katemas party was a whole lot of fun. To my knowledge it was the largest Katemas party in North America. We had about 26 people, at the Kate House near the Western Washington University campus in Bellingham (near the Canadian border). The guests were mostly WWU Kate Bush Club members, and there were three of us from Microsoft and someone else from Seattle. We didn't have any well known guests like Andrew Marvick, who went to Tracy Roberts's Santa Cruz (California) party, or Doug Alan, who went to the east coast party. We did however have a woman who dressed up as Kate in the ``Them Heavy People'' video, and she had a wonderful costume.

The party started around 3 p.m., though the only ones there that early were the permanant residents of the Kate House, and the three of us from Microsoft. The barbeque fire didn't start well, even though someone tried to use gasoline to light it. Since most of us wanted an unleaded dinner, and some of us dumped the first batch of coals while someone went to buy less toxic starter fluid. Even though Kate is a vegetarian, we didn't try to do a vegetarian barbeque. We also had no smokers (Kate's vice), which was nice. Of course, we had Kate music playing loudly and constantly.

After the meal, the videos were started. We saw Kate Bush Live at the Hammersmith Odeon, The Whole Story, and a number of more rare videos. Of course there was also a lot of ordinary pleasant party conversation, and special Kate party conversation. Another item of interest was a copy of the latest Homeground, that my girlfriend Kari Haug bought for me when she was in London.

Another thing we did was to phone the other two known Katemas parties. First we called the Santa Cruz party, and passed the phone around between people who wanted to say hellos to each other. We also sang Happy Birthday to Kate, surprisingly well synchronized, considering most people couldn't hear the singers at the other party. We also called Doug Alan, since the phone idea came up after the east coast party had ended.

Those of us from Seattle had to hit the road to return, so I don't know what happened after we left. We had a nice return trip. Toward the end of the evening, the topic of another Kate party next year came up. It was very popular, so we will very likely do something similar again.

Steve Schonberger


From: jsd@gaffa.mit.edu (Jon Drukman)
Date: 2 Aug 89 03:47:56 GMT
Subject: party sound

Well, here's The Whole Story, as it were:

I sat up for absolutely HOURS on Friday night slaving over a hot tape deck putting together an incredible collage of percussion and Kate samples. I got together with Joe on Saturday, and we brought the tape to Larry DeLuca, who helped us add some synth chords to flesh it out. Then I showed up REAL early at Joe's place on Sunday, and we hooked up about 600 digital sound effect boxes in line with Joe's guitar, a microphone into which I would sing, and my bass. We rehearsed this a whole bunch (at least twice I think) and then sat down to watch tons of great Kate vids courtesy of IED (thanks Andrew, we owe you!!). So, what's the capper? Hardly anyone shows up to this shindig!! Last year (and the year before) we had a great turnout, but where was everybody this year, eh?

So anyways, the long and the short is, the vital audience participation ingredient is sorely missing, but if you really really want it, I can send you a mix of the four-track backing tape which features tons of percussion over the regular RutH loop, plus me singing the lyrics through a vocoder which pushes my voice up into the chipmunk range, and a couple of gratuitous samples on top.

Maybe I shoulda flown out to Santa Cruz and performed it out there...


Date: Wed, 02 Aug 89 11:23 PDT
From: IED0DXM%OAC.UCLA.EDU@mitvma.mit.edu
Subject: party feelings

Special message to Corey Lofdahl: IED (that's right, even IED) hasn't laughed so much in some time. Ultra-good letter, and spot on about everything. IED shared all the same feelings at the party, but could never have expressed them as well as you did. IED strongly urges you to allow him to print out your letter and send it to Peter at Homeground immediately. Even if they don't publish it, they're sure to get a lot of pleasure from it. (Thanks for all your kind words re this "Marvick" character, too, though that's not why IED liked your piece.)

Also, thanks to Steve S. for his summary of the Washington party, which IED would like to send along to Peter as well. OK?

-- anDrew (the new goodiE two-shoes) marvIck


From: Doug Alan <nessus@athena.mit.edu>
Date: Wed, 02 Aug 89 17:23:40 EDT
Subject: Katemas

The purpose of this message is just to thank Joe Turner for being a gracious host for The Fourth Annual Boston Love-Hounds Katemas Party. The turnout was much smaller this year than in previous years -- only eight die-hard fans attended, but everyone (or at least me) had a great time nonetheless. We watched some rare Kate Bush videos that just arrived in the mail. No one knows where they came from, or what the legal status of them is, but we asked no questions. Of particular interest were the unedited Night Flight interview (by a bunch of real bozos, about an hour of Canadian TV interviews, and "Experiment IV" as performed on the Wogan show. Also, thanks to Jon Drukman, we lost ourselves in the visual psychedelia of the Severed Heads.

Then Jon Drukman and Joe Turner performed a stunning rendition of "Running Up That Hill" as it might have been performed by The Residents. Larry DeLuca did a moving performance of "Under The Ivy" alone at the piano.

We then all went out (minus Larry, who had to leave) to The Hard Rock Cafe to celebrate Katemas with a bit of food. On return, we temporarily joined the California celebration via the miracle of modern telecomunication systems. Later, at home, I also temporarily joined the Washington celebration.

All in all, at the three simulataneous Katemas celebrations, we must have had the best Katemas show of support yet.

July will be magic again,



From: gatech.edu!mit-eddie!gaffa.mit.edu!jsd@cs.utexas.edu (Jon Drukman)
Date: Sat, 4 Nov 89 19:16:35 GMT
Subject: Re: Voice processing technology

With the advent of digital sampling technology, all this stuff is now a piece of cake, and you can buy cheap boxes to do it. I have a cartridge for my computer which when coupled with appropriate software can transform the pitch of any incoming signal. If you put a digeridu into it playing only one note (since that's all they can play) and then played a melody on a MIDI keyboard, it would 'play' the melody with a digeridu sound.

I used this effect for the live version of "Running Up That Hill" which was done at the Katemas party in July. I used it as basically a digital version of the Chipmunks vocal effect. It has the advantage that you can sing in your normal voice at normal speed and you still come out sounding like a weasel on helium, whereas the Chipmunks stuff was all done by speeding up the tape and involved speaking... really... slowly... so that the pacing came out right when the tape was played back fast.

All clear?


Date: Mon, 6 Nov 89 10:55:49 EST
From: Jon Drukman <jsd@GAFFA.MIT.EDU>
Subject: Kate Bash In Vermont


Sunday mornings do not agree with me. The bloodstains on my toothbrush take on a particularly sinister aspect, and breakfast always tastes like cardboard. Plus, the house looks like a bomb has fallen on it. Yes, we Sunderland-ites party hard. Anyway, I was contemplating crawling back into bed and calling Julian with some bogus story of my car having been carted off by a load of savage pygmies or something, but I decided that a KT party might be just the thing to shake those Sunday cobwebs away. So, I loaded up the Drukmobile, popped in a Skinny Puppy cassette and started out on a hell of a trip.

Eventually, I arrived, and found Julian and Jenn Turney playing Scrabble and cursing Joe Turner and |>oug Alan for not even having left yet. While Julian debated the relative merits of playing "XAZYJQUAT" on a triple word score and Jenn debated the relative merits of hitting Julian over the head with a log, I pondered the cover of The Sensual World, revealed in all it's vinyl 12" glory (thanks to Jenn Turney for bringing the actual album, since Julian only had the CD.) I thought I had found the KT symbol, but Julian remained unconvinced. |>oug, on the other hand, announced that I was completely and utterly right. Personally, I'm still skeptical, but |>oug's enthusiasm can be overwhelming sometimes. But I anticipate myself.

Andrew Marvick phoned, but since |>oug and Joe were still on the road, we told him to phone back later.

Eventually, those miscreants from Boston arrived, and we berated them soundly for being bogey bums. Introductions were given, I pointed out the "KT" logo to |>oug who sung praises to the heavens, and then |>oug and I settled down to our usual party behavior: arguing about "Deeper Understanding."

Reason prevailed of course, and we left for a place called "Molly's" to have brunch, but such was the tardiness of the other two that we arrived at 3:10 PM, rather later than when brunch was served. Not to worry: the lunch was delicious nonetheless.

Arriving back at Julian's flat, Julian and Jenn prepared high tea for us: hot mulled cider and real seedcake! Let me tell you all that I now understand all the "sensual" implications of seedcake. Anybody who wants to "take a kiss of it" back from my mouth, or would like me to do same to them, please send applications to this email address. Make sure you have a loaf handy for your next big date, guys. This is great stuff!

While devouring these mouth watering scrummies, Andrew Marvick called again and we all had a go chatting with him. A plea: folks, give the poor guy a break and let him have a chance to contemplate the magic of "The Sensual World" in peace for a day or two! He would never tell you all to "bug off" because he's such a swell guy, but we're all being horribly unfair to him (although I'm sure he's loving every minute of it.)

The rest of the afternoon was spent discussing Kate, Michael Nyman, Tom Philips, the latest issue of Homeground, the secret messages in Watching You Without Me, acid house, and tea. By the way |>oug, how did you like the lapsang souchong? We wanted to get out Julian's telescope and spend a November Night, looking up into the sky (the big sky?) but the clouds were out in force, and a cloudbuster was nowhere to be had!

After a cup of tea, the march of time began to catch up with us, and most of us had a long drive to look forward to (particularly poor Jenn!), so we made our farewells.

The Drukmobile purred like a kitten all the way home and once I was firmly installed in my lair, I contemplated the Tom Philips pages Julian had bestowed on me (Thanks!) and tried to locate a decent seedcake recipe in our cookbooks. Then I passed out. A great day, to be sure!


Date: Thu, 25 Jan 90 09:34:57 -0500
From: jsd@GAFFA.MIT.EDU (I got the fear!)
Subject: JST and JSD present a new take on KT TSW

Listen up children. Jenn Turney dropped in a while ago and whilst I had her in my clutches, I injected her with a will-sapping drug and forced her to sing the "original" James Joyce lyrics to the song "The Sensual World" into a microphone while I dubbed in the instrumental mix of TSW from my CD single. A quick echo treatment later, I found I had "restored" TSW to what it once was!

This masterpiece is now available to YOU, the faithful Love-Hounds reader, along with some lesser masterpieces (by yours truly) if you want 'em (this includes the fabled "live" version of "Running Up That Hill" as done by myself and Joe Turner at the Katemas '89 party -- you read about it in "Homeground," now hear what all the fuss was about (although I must in all honesty point out that what you'll get is merely the backing tracks, but since the only thing we added live was bass/guitar and backing vox, it's a fairly complete take)).


Date: Sat, 27 Jan 90 12:01:09 -0500
From: turney@svax.cs.cornell.edu (Jenn Turney)
Subject: Comment from JST of "JST and JSD present a new take on KT TSW"

As co-perpetrator of this "original lyrics" TSW recording, I just want to comment that, in my oh so humble opinion, it's pretty good, especially for a spur-of-the-moment project. Sure, I messed up in a couple of spots -- YOU try remembering the exact phrasing of all of TSW with no vocals to help you out -- but then I'm not KaTe (despite Jon's accusations).

A must-have for true fans and collectors.

Jennifer Turney, Dept. of Computer Science, Cornell University


Date: Thu, 1 Feb 90 15:41:45 -0500
From: jsd@GAFFA.MIT.EDU (I don't need God - all I need is an amoeba!)
Subject: Re: TSW 12"

When Kate falters, I take matters into my own hand. Thus for a limited time I am offering a SPECIAL BONUS TRACK along with the "JSD and JST Present a New Take on TSW" cassette. Not ONLY do you get the lovely Miss Jennifer Turney's vocal version of "The Sensual World" (with the original Joycean lyrics restored in all their power and glory) BUT you get a unique only available to love-hounds through this special offer track called "The Sexual World" (aka "Pastor Lloyd Gets Lloony") which I created out of a Sensual World looped sample mixed with some other amazing noises including a televangelist and a bit of "Rocket's Tail" turned backwards and sliced.

So, take matters into your own hand and BUY OUR TAPE! The price: free. Send a blank C-45 or C-60 or C-90 with return postage, which will get you a copy of these unique items. Plus some other unique items that might be lying around my studio here. For a limited time, I'm also offering YOUR CHOICE OF KATE RHYTHMS! Have you always hungered for a tape with nothing but 15 minutes of the opening drum riff from "Sat In Your Lap"? Well, hunger no longer, because the miracle of digital signal processing makes it available to YOU! How about the aboriginal riff from "The Dreaming"? Want it sped up so you can sound like Danielle Dax? Not a problem. Be sure to specify the song and what speed you'd like it at when you place your order.

Send your tapes and first born male children to THE SENSUAL JON DRUKMAN, 4C Lantern Court, Sunderland MA 01375. Do it today!


Date: Fri, 2 Feb 90 23:56:42 -0500
From: jsd@GAFFA.MIT.EDU (tOo mUCh aCiD)
Subject: It's So Deep

OK, you clamored for it and now it's here. (actually, nobody clamored for it but it's here anyway and now there's nothing to be done about it.)

I have spent the evening with my digital razor blades and a whole bunch of burritos and Coke. The result (other than my room looking and smelling like a trash heap):

LOVE AND ANGER (Southerly Wind Mix)

Running Time: 6 minutes 27 seconds

Somewhere in this sonic soup you'll find Kate's song "Love And Anger" and a whole bunch of stuff that wasn't there originally but it sure as hell is there now. I even threw in The Infamous Laugh despite the fact that I still think it goes to "The Fog."

To order your copy along with these exciting other tracks, send a blank tape with return postage to THE SENSUAL JON DRUKMAN, 4C Lantern Court, Sunderland MA 01375, United States Of America.

Here's what you get:

* My undying thanks

* The Sensual World (original Joycean lyrics sung by love-hound par excellance Jenn Turney)

* Love And Anger (Southerly Wind Mix)

* The Sexual World (aka "Pastor Lloyd Gets Lloony")

* Running Up That Hill (The Chipmunk Mix - created for Katemas '89)

* Various other odds and ends that happen to be lying around the studio

* Your choice of Kate riffs repeated for however long you want at whatever pitch strikes your fancy. When ordering, specify something like "I want the opening riff from James and the Cold Gun repeated for 10 minutes at slightly slower than normal speed."

Do it today, or I will hunt you down and kill you.


Date: Mon, 30 Jul 90 14:31 PDT
From: IED0DXM%OAC.UCLA.EDU@mitvma.mit.edu
Subject: MisK.

First, IED would like to thank everyone who attended his Katemas Eve's Eve Bush Bash last Saturday, and for making it what seemed, to IED, at least, a rollicking success. In all, between 32 and 34 people were present. More tellingly, of those, about twenty-five remained in attendance for a good five or six hours--most of them without so much as letting an eye or ear stray from the TV sets. Those with whom IED was able to chat for an odd moment here and there throughout the course of the evening proved to be very charming and interesting conversationalists, and IED, for one, had a very fun time. In all, it lasted from 2:00 p.m. to 2:00 a.m.

IED would especially like to thank Ed Suranyi, who helped IED out in many little ways during the course of the evening. Also thanks to Larry Hernandez (L-H), whose presence reminded IED that, indeed, she really is.

Also a big thank you to Tracy for her morale-boosting presence--and to all others who traveled from great distances just to meet up with other Kate Bush fans. A splendid time was had, IED hopes, by all.

IED understands why Jon Drukman couldn't make it (too bad, it would have been fun for IED and Drukman to meet in the flesh at last), but Dave Hsu, what happened to you? And what about Gabriella Carlson, who had all the big plans for a KT-fan group trip to Disneyland the next day? Ah, well, IED was too pooped to go anywhere Sunday anyway...

IED will keep everyone's addresses, and next summer perhaps the Southern and Northern Californians can link up with the Washingtonian KonTingent, to organize the first West Coast Kate Bush Convention...?

Speaking of Washington--what happened to you guys? IED called both the telephone numbers given in your posting, but no-one answered either phone, and there was no answering machine to take our message. We had thirty people crammed into a hot little room ready to sing "Happy Birthday" in unison with you Washingtonians, all to no avail. And Vickie tells IED she had the same disappointing experience when she tried to call you people from her Chicago party. What gives?

IED enjoyed meeting a great number of Kate Bush fans, and feels that he made a few new friends. In particular a very interesting, all too short chat with British Love-Hound Derek Langsford will be remembered with pleasure. Thanks to everyone for coming, and he hopes you all got enough noodles and brownies...

-- Andrew Marvick


Date: Mon Jul 30 11:46:50 1990
From: tracyr@sco.COM (Tracy Roberts)
Subject: KaTemas, convenTions, eTc

Hi Love-pups,

I hope this reaches you all--|>oug assures us all is well with the mailing list, if not rec.music.gaffa.

First a big ThanKs to IED for a great LA bash Saturday!! My only regret is that I couldn't stay 'til 1 am with the other true die-hard fans. The deKoraTions in IED's house were most extrordinary. Posters everywhere, including shots of the early Kate (of 9 or 10 years old). Beautiful.

His set-up included *2* tv's in the livingroom, laser disk player, huge speakers, and plenty of couch and floor space. Not to mention a wonderful raffle with wonderful Katephenalia prizes. Well done, Andy!

A note to Jon Drukman--I read your letter aloud at Andy's gathering. It was nice to know you were there in spirit, if not in the flesh. A few gasped at the mention of you moving out west, but not to worry.



Date: Tue, 31 Jul 90 20:43:48 +0200
From: Andreas Bjorklind <abj@IDA.LiU.SE>
Subject: KateMas Talk... from Linkoping, Sweden

KateMas Eve and KateMas Day meetings in Linkoping, Sweden

Since we first listened to Kate Bush's music we knew it was special. Yes, we discovered her together in 1984. But it took us some time to realize she was good all the way. When people ask us why we're so "fanatical" about Kate, we usually reply: she is the only --- the only --- artist both of us love from the beginning to the end; alpha and omega. We both listen to Prince, but he has created awful pieces as well as good ones. Andreas sometimes listens to Depeche Mode, which Carina doesn't like too much. Sometimes Carina finds Sisters of Mercy enjoyable, while Andreas seldom do. Kate Bush is the only one we both love everything by, all the time, and together!

But, we digress.

It was not until late 1987 we understood there was a thingy called Kate fandom. We already knew science fiction fandom, but this was new to us. Since then we have slowly assimilated all the KTlore available, and this year we felt ready to host a KateMas, which at the same time would be our first one.

Our first action was to place the date in the local sf club's calender. By doing this in the early spring we both got some attandees, and managed to convert a few non-KTists. We also posted an invitation to the net (but, no one from outside Linkoping came... strange!). To those who asked we told them we'd start somewhere between 1800 and 1900 on the 29th, so they all came then. All in all we were seven fans, apart from ourselves there was Tommy Persson, Lennart Staflin, Lars Johansson, Per Westling, and Roger Klein (who unfortunately had to go earlier, since he at the moment is an army dreamer).

Carina worked all afternoon to create a special Katie Kake. Of course it was in the form of the KT symbol we all love. Apart from being wonderful to look at (we have it captured in black-and-white for the future to see), it tasted wonderful! Meanwhile we listened to Katie on CD and vinyl, watched her appearance on Saturday Night Live, and discussed. Andreas told everyone about the wonderful news about Kate Bush Con and about the CD Box. Lennart said he perhaps needed to get a CD player in time for Christmas, then... All the time Katie watched us. You see, we had on the day before bought a frame for the beautiful b/w photo you get as a member of the Kate Bush Club, and we placed it so that she could see all the participants and what we did. We did not, though, try to feed the glass encased face of Ms. Bush with birThday Kake...

The festivities ended somewhere around 2300, and the attendees walked home. But we didn't end the activities there! No, when the time seemed ripe, we picked up a copy of C'n'V's KateMas invitation, checked out their telephone number, and phoned them! Lo and behold! A feminine voice answered, and Andreas asked her if there were a KateMas party going on over there. It was... we had the right number! Ms. Mapes got Chris to the phone, and he told us we just caught them watching the famous Infant Kiss video! Lucky you NTSC people... Then we spoke a little, as coherent you can via a trans-Atlantic cable (isn't there a strange cutting sensation when calling the other side? Or is it just the Swedish telephone monopoly...). After wishing each other a happy KateMas, we closed the connexion. For this time. We went to bed, on KateMas Day, happy in spirit and soul!

In our invitation we wrote that we would celebrate the 30th, too. That is the real birThday, right? But, there was a minimum of interest from the participants on the 20th to come on the 30th as well. Even when we told them there would be bubbly wine. Anyway, we didn't let them put us in a bad mood on such a day! During the day we went to another of the Swedish monopolies: Systembolaget (where you get bubbly wine, and other alchoholic stuff), where we found a nice bottle white bubbly wine called Cordoniu. Later that evening we gave Kate a toast, and swept the contents of the bottle.

Our first KateMas has passed, and we hope we'll attend or host many more!

This electronic edition of the report doesn't include photos from the event. The pictures are of the Kake and of the attending KTians. If you're very keen on seeing the shots, please drop up a line, and we'll see what we can manage (KTMas photos at the Gaffa archives???).

Carina and Andreas Bjorklind


From: spt1@ukc.ac.uk (Stephen Thomas)
Date: 1 Oct 90 10:51:41 GMT
Subject: A Love-Hound at Wuthering Hike

"And Dream of Sheep"

We didn't really need to dream of sheep; they were very much in evidence at Top Withins, where I and other Katefans joined the Homeground team for Wuthering Hike III (The Revenge), on Saturday 29th October.

For those of you who may be confused, Top Withins is the place that is commonly held to be the house that Emily Bronte used to model Wuthering Heights, the Earnshaw family home in the book of the same name. Sadly, it is a ruin now, with just parts of the external walls intact. Still, every few years the Homeground team arrange a get-together of fans, to meet there. This was the third time they had done it. I thought it would be a great opportunity to meet other fans, so I decided to go. It would also be a chance to visit Haworth itself, and see the Bronte Parsonage Museum And other sites. My mum, who is not a Katefan as such (although she could hold her own in a conversation) but is a Bronte fan, wanted to come along too. This was useful, as she could navigate for me ...

We set off and two and a half hours later, with only minor mishaps, we arrived in Haworth. After a bit of hunting, we found a place to park the car, near the footpath to Top Withins, and started the two mile walk across the moors. The weather was ... traditional is the best word, I suppose. It was rather cold, but not too bad, and the rain held off (mostly). The walk was fairly easy. We didn't see too many people around, and I was beginning to get a little worried until I saw a rather untidy KT symbol scratched on the path. I knew then I was on the right track.

Eventually, we arrived at Top Withins itself, after about 40 minutes of walking. There were quite a few people there, but I did not know any of them personally. Of course, Peter and Krys Morris were there, and I knew them by sight, and was glad to meet them properly. Sharon and Debbie were there too, I think, but Dave could not make it because he was frantically organising the Convention. Apparently, the others are leaving him to it, because he is a very good organiser.

Krys and Peter tried to get a card in Haworth to send to Kate, which everyone could sign. Unfortunately, there weren't any good cards, so they just had a piece of paper. This would then be put inside a good card, when they found one. Of course, people wrote well-wishing messages. One person wrote "A few minutes ago, a sheep put its head on my shoulder". I was fairly unimaginative, I'm afraid. I simply wrote, "My hands are frozen, so I can't say much. Lots of Love, Stephen". I saw quite a few similar messages.

Of course, there was lots of talk about the Convention. Peter said that she will be there, of course, but doesn't know what she is going to do. In fact, he said that even Kate herself doesn't know what she will be doing, and probably won't until she arrives on the stage. Be prepared for anything!

Anyway, I wanted to look around Haworth before I closed, so I had to go early. I asked Peter if he wanted me to pass anything on to Love-Hounds. He said to say "Hi!" to everyone, and could anyone who is going to the Convention please send their ticket money as soon as possible - they are on a very tight schedule.

So I said goodbye to Peter and Krys and everyone else, and started back for Haworth. We looked around the Parsonage Museum (fascinating!) and browsed around the town itself. Then, tired but very satisfied with the day, we went home.



From: smith@pyrite.som.cwru.edu (Phil Smyth)
Date: Sun, 7 Apr 91 03:29:36 GMT
Subject: Cleveland KaTe convention report

Well, I was not disappointed that I went to the convention today. It was quite small, it was reported that attendence was 60 people. BUT they were all KaTe fans!!! I was told the 1st convention in Winnipeg only drew 100 people.

Now I want to know where the rest of the Love Hounds were today that they were not in attendence? Seriously I wasn't expecting anyone from a great distance to be there, but one person was in from Minnesota. Another drove up from Columbus, OH (Hi Richard!). Hey Ryan what's your excuse for not being there, you flew all the way to London for the last one and you couldn't drive accross town for this one?

The event was sponsored by The American Association of Them Heavy People (an unofficial KaTe fan club (their statement) for the US) and by CD Connection of Northeast Ohio. The proprietor (Scott Sheppard) and his friend Cappy both share the honor of having been to all the previous KaTe conventions: Winnipeg, London '85 and London '90. I even spotted my picture in his convention photos. I passed my collection of photos from the convention for people to see, including the group photos of the Love Hounds. A few of them have net access and have downloaded all of our postings and have passed them around. Andrew if I heard Cappy correctly he knows you. Cappy brought his collection of KaTe memorabilia for everyone to look at. Scott had for sale a huge assortment of albums and posters. Throughout the day videos were shown almost continously.


Date: Mon, 8 Apr 91 23:58:34 EDT
From: nrc@cbema.att.com (Neal R Caldwell, Ii)
Subject: Cleveland Konvention Stuff

The Kon closed with the reading of personal greetings from Peter Gabriel, David Gilmour and Kate. Evidently, numerous unanswered registered letters to the Kate Bush Club finally resulted in a phone call from Kate herself. Do any of you Cleveland Love-Hounds happen to have the text of the message available?

It was great meeting Phil, Scott, Cappy, Jeff and all the other folks up there. We hope to do it again sometime. Maybe in Columbus! :-)

"Don't drive too slowly." Richard Caldwell


Date: Wed, 17 Apr 91 09:26:00 CDT
From: stern@chem.nwu.edu (Charlotte Stern)
Subject: Snappy Happy

The latest from our incommunicado love-hound in Chicago, Vickie, is that she and Chris suspect that Kate's message at the Ohio con was a dub of her message at the Canadian BreakThrough con several years back.


Date: Thu, 25 Apr 91 22:52 CDT
From: Chris Williams <katefans@chinet.chi.il.us>
Subject: con message

Chris here,

In re: The "Kate Message" played at the convention. Did it sound any thing like this?

"Hello. This is Kate Bush."

"Firstly, I think I should say that I am really honoured indeed that this event is taking place here to-night. I believe that some of you have come a long way, too, and that means a lot to me. I hope that none of you will feel that you journey's been wasted."

"I'm talking to you from my studio and we've just started recording the next album. It's due to be released in the autumn and I'll be working throughout the summer to get it finished. It's almost to talk about music before it's been recorded properly, but I could say that this album is different again from the last one. Perhaps it's more positive, but that's for all of you to say really when you hear it."

"Several of the musicians featured on the last album will be playing on this one and we're recording out in the country so we'll have a good atmosphere - relaxed. When we know the actual release date I'll obviously let you know."

"And thank-you, again. Good-bye."

This message was sent by Kate to the 1984 Canadian Bush-Con. I edited out the references to Dale Sommerville. I'd hope that they didn't play this message, trying to give the impression that Kate sent it to them. I fear that this may be the case. A couple of undisputable facts about Kate:

She doesn't respond to people trying to commercialize her.

She doesn't usually respond when she is working on an album.

As I said, I hope I'm wrong.

Chris Williams


Date: Thu, 25 Apr 91 16:04:00 EDT
From: nrc@cbema.att.com (Neal R Caldwell, Ii)
Subject: Re: pologIE Da ied--mi struggo da rimorso! mi struggo da rimorso!

> Finally, perhaps IED should be slower to anger when hearing about fans bothering Kate for endorsements. ...

This may be a misunderstanding caused by my own poor recollection and reporting of what I was told at the convention. It was, after all, a busy day. Hopefully I've got it right now.

In fact nobody at AATHP called about the convention greeting, their request was sent in writing to The Kate Bush Club.

They sent several letters with no response from The KBC. Before long responses started arriving from other artists. Not wanting Kate to look bad they tried making contact through a friend at Columbia. This friend made the contact with Novercia and thus the message was delivered (on paper, not on tape as some have seemed to assume).

"Don't drive too slowly." Richard Caldwell


Date: Wed, 5 Jun 91 16:38 CDT
From: katefans@chinet.chi.il.us (Chris Williams)
Subject: Misc.

Chris here, bits and pieces....

Andrew B Marvick asked:

> Btw, was Chris Williams ever able to figure out whether the message which was said to have come from Kate for the AATHP convention was indeed derived from the Winnipeg Con's taped message?

Well to perfectly frank, no one who attended this "con" and heard or saw the message has replied to my posting of the Winnipeg message by either post or e-mail. I fear, based on the silence, that my supposition was correct, and that Kate never replied to these people. I will be very happy if I am wrong, as we remember meeting Scott Shepard in Winnipeg and purchasing many rare and wonderful things from him. It pains me to ascribe ill motives to him and Cappy. I will gladly retract any of my statements as soon as I see a xerox of Kate's statement. I haven't seen anything that was indisputably from Kate that wasn't on her "Kate Bush" stationary in her own inimitable handwriting.

On to Katemas Parties, Pt. 2

written by Love-Hounds
compiled and edited
Wieland Willker
Sept 1995 June 1996