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The Early Years

Total running time: ?:?

Released: 1986

This LP was withdrawn prior to its release due to copyright problems. HG 23 (Summer 1986):

Someone, somehow has got hold of one of Kate's early (circa 1973) demo tapes, which appears to have contained not only a number of Kate's early songs, but embryonic versions of more well-known tracks. A West German company appeared to believe that it had bought the 'rights' to this tape and was set to issue an album entitled:"Kate Bush:The Early Years". EMI-Electrola in Germany were aware of this, but some reason took no action to prevent the release. The album was in fact pressed and white labels send out in an attempt to secure overseas distribution deals. At this point Kate became aware of the proposed release, and feeling that her early mistakes are not fit for public consumption, took the appropriate legal action.

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# white label test pressing

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