KT Cloudbusting -- Kate Bush In Her Own Words


* Do you lead your life by any sort of set rules or set standards.

Oh, yeah. I have what I call my own religion. I think everyone's got their own religion. They are various certain things I stick by.

Such as?

Such as not eating meat. Such as trying to be aware of people around me and doing my work and trying to be positive about it. I think being positive is very important. (1979, Personal Call)


*Well, I would like to ask kate... Well I believe I already have the answer... I would like to ask kate if she believes in god?

Believe in God? Well I think there are a lot of Gods and I certainly believe in my God, but I wonder if it's the same God as yours.

Well, I believe that it is. Do you believe in the lord Jesus Christ?

I believe in him, but he's not the one I live my life by, I must admit.

We, as christians, we do believe in the lord Jesus Christ and I know for a fact that if you believe in God and he has it written that the only way to him is through the lord Jesus Christ then I believe that your God is the same as mine.

So do I. I believe if you believe in anything... I mean if God is really... I hate to say this because it sounds blasphemous, but God is in fact some kind of label for people to put all their belief and love into. And I think that if people put all their belief and love into other people and what they're doing, then I think you do find it, I think you do reach an aim.

Host of show: Alright, Kate. Thank you Jim for your call!

Well, um...

Host: No, um we've got loads of calls on the line so I'll have to cut your short there. But that you very much for your interest.

Thanks, Jim! (1979, Personal Call)


We're talking about reincarnation again. Christians, of course, believe that this is the life which, depending on how you live it, is the only life which determines whether you're going to heaven or hell, which precludes immediately any sort of reincarnation. Which kind of direction would you tend towards?

Well, I think certainly this life at the moment is all we're living, but I think its... I don't see how anyone can really say what happens when our body dies. I mean there's no way of proving where the energy goes. I hope one day they'll be able to tap it. (1979, Personal Call)


What is your feeling about the church and religion?

It is a very powerful, widely influential force that has extreme good and bad effects on people. (1984, KBC 17)


We're going to change the subject now. Do you see a connection between mysticism and science?

I don't know, I'm sure there is. I think there's a connection between everything, I think everything is linked up somehow, you just got to find where they meet.

Do you consider yourself a religious person?

That's a question that I get asked a lot. Some people come in, they're so convinced that I'm of a particular order. [Laughs] And I think everyone has something in them that is seeking some kind of religion, but whether I call myself a religious person - I don't think so, no. But I think I am fascinated by religious imagery, I think most people are. And it's one of those things that has an incredibly extreme effect on people and that, from a writer's point of view, is fascinating. (1985, MTV)


Have you defined your religious feelings?

No, I don't think so. I was a Roman Catholic and brought up in Roman Catholic schools. I would never say I was a strict follower of Roman Catholic belief, but a lot of the images are in there; they have to be,they're so strong. Such powerful beautiful, passionate images! There's a lot of suffering in Roman Catholicism. I think I'm looking for not necessarily religion, but ways of helping myself to become more understanding, more complete, a happier person - what we all want in life. But I really don't think I've found a niche. (1990, Q Special)


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