KT Cloudbusting -- Kate Bush In Her Own Words


I have a good time.

I'm always falling in love. It's not really a painful process because I don't really ever fall out.

I look around at all the people around me in the pop business. So many who are really successful don't have happy relationships.

I always forget how much my music means to me until I go back to it and I'm singing.

Then I know that singing is my first love. (1979, Wow! What Smuthering Tights)


Love is a wonderful, powerful thing. In many ways nearly every song I've ever written is a love song. It's very important to try and learn to love people as much as you can. But we all get so scared. It's only when people are at points in their lives when they get such shocks that they take it as it really should be. The rest of us just seem to piss about. (1989, NME)


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