KT Cloudbusting -- Kate Bush In Her Own Words


Is there a very conscious root in english culture in your writing? For example, the tennyson quote you used to introduce the ninth wave. And then there was `` oh! england, my lionheart'' on the second album.

My patriotic number! Yes, I think there probably was, moreso than there is now. The Tennyson thing is a bit misleading because rather than that inspiring the b-side, I needed a title for all the pieces and there wasn't any line in the songs that really was right. It needed a title that said something, so I was looking through some books, and I found this quote from Tennyson that I though was perfect, so that was it. (1985, Hot Press)


*Kate bush, are you surprised about your success in england because a lot of artists are very successful in germany, wherever europe, but not in england. You are successful in england and in the rest of europe.

It makes me very happy. And I think especially because it's my home land. That really means a lot to me because I live in England. And to see that being reflected amongst my friends and where I live, it's really special. (1980, Unknown German Interview)


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