KT Cloudbusting -- Kate Bush In Her Own Words


I'm interested in theatre. Films...I really don't know about. I don't consider myself an actress. Unless something came up that I felt I could do, then I wouldn't do it. I have had film offers - like, there's been a couple of vampire films, and a rock musical. That's an obvious one because I'm a singer. But I wouldn't have thought I was a vampire! (1979, Pop Star)


Kate wanted to do a kids' television show last year, but she couldn't fit it into her schedule [Not her own show. Kate considered and rejected a guest spot on a series already in place.], and she's also been approached with various film scripts.

They were always about the rise of a music personality. You know the sort of thing. It's been done time and time before, so it would be a bit boring if I did it. I like films like Time Bandits: that was fantastic! (1982, Robin Smith)


Well that's what everyone around the office is saying, for instance, like saying ``well she should play tess of the d'urbervilles'' this english classic. [Kate stifles a laugh] I mean is this something that you are really considering doing now?


Yeah, acting more.

It's nothing that has ever really been a strong desire for me. I mean, never at any point in my life have I wanted to be an actress. But if there was something offered that was interesting enough, I would certainly want to do it, yes. (1985, MTV)


What about the acting side? Is it something you'd like to get into?

Well, funnily enough, it's not, really. Until quite recently it's something I ever really desired. There's no doubt that if I was offered a part by a director who I admired, that I'm sure I would do it, but it doesn't actually interest me in terms of giving up music to take up a career in acting. It doesn't attract me at all, but I would certainly do if it was one of my favourite directors - and, um... certainly if Donald Sutherland was in it!

What sort of role would you like to play if the offer was made? Something dramatic?

No idea. I certainly wouldn't want to play the part of a rock singer or a pop singer. It would have to be for the challenge of the acting. If the part was something I thought that I could convey well, um... then I certainly would be up for trying it. It's fascinating, the whole process of making films, of suddenly becoming someone, showing feelings that you hadn't been feeling, say, five minutes before. The whole process is extraordinary, fascinating. (1985, Homeground)


I don't think I ever wanted to become an actress. Acting is something that I've never had a passion for, or an ambition for. Really, everything so far has stemmed from songwriting for me. (1989, VH-1) I think I'd like to make a little film. Being a movie actress is not something I have craved, but the right thing might tempt me. If there comes a time when I can only manage one album a decade, it would be good to have something else to keep me busy. And anyway, you learn so much just by jumping in at the deep end. (1989, You)


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