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Tori being an introvert

From: "Simon Thibault" <>
Date: Wed, 4 Oct 1995 10:25:49 AST
Subject: Tori being an introvert
Priority: normal

Basically what I meant by Tori being an introvert is that in her 
writing, she writes about her angst, her lust, her fears, her love, 
Tori basically is also more cynical in her writing.  She has been 
quoted as saying"with thie first album, I felt as if I was going 
after the son, now I am going after ther father".  
Kate basically writes about ANYTHING & EVERYTHING!!!!   Kate has 
written about love, but only on very early endeavours, and does not 
write about her feelings very often,  Maybe she does in a round-a-
bout way, I don't know, and neither do any of you...really.  Who the 
fuck out there is going to say, I know what she means about this 
song. Yeah right, who are you, Kate?  I don't even think Kate even 
knows completely about her feelings in songs.  That is not what's 
important.  What's important is what you get out of it.  I get 
comfort out of Tori, knowing that someone out there knows what I am 
going through.  Kate is just there, like some book on my shelf, and 
like to look at to go into another world, were all is beautiful, like 
a Tennyson poem.  It's sublime, pure.  Kate is Mary Magdalene and 
Tori is the whore of Babylon.  And neither of them should be 
chastized (by the way, I am not saying that Tori is the whore of 
Baylon, or a whore, I am ONLY making a comparison.  Do not take this 
comment out of context, I've just been reading too much Camille 
Paglia) for this or thier actions.  This is MY opinion.  I am not 
saying that this is how it really is.  This is just how I see things. 
 My opinion is as valid or invalid as the nxt guy or girl. Period.
 I love Kate's music.  I do.  That's all that needs to be said now.