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From: (Vishal Markandey)
Date: Sat, 8 Feb 1992 11:41:14 -0800
Subject: misk

Sorry for the late responses - I have been snowed at work and haven't had
the chance to catch up on Gaffa until now.  Jorn, thanks for the email -
yes, do sign me up for the "Warmroom" mailing list, but only if I can 
get it in a daily digest form (Bill, I read Gaffa as a news group, not as 
a mailing list!).

Cynthia writes:

> (Larry DeLuca) writes:
>> >> Someone writes to Cynthia
>> >>
>> >> "And you call yourself a bitch?  Lame-assed pseudo-bitching is more
>> >>  like it"
>> >>
>> > Cynthia writes back:
>> >
>> > "I was quoting the Elton John song....and I'll be sure to use it in every
>> >  post, since it annoys you."
>> >
>> Cynthia dearest (and the rest of you who should be paying closer attention),
>> 	A 'bitch' can cut someone to shreds with brief, well-placed comment.  
>> 	A 'shrew' is someone who tries to, but can't.
>> 					larry...
> Larry, dearest, try to get a brain.  IT was a song quote, that
> VIshal had a little testosterone overdose about.  Oh, and how
> "rude" of you to imply that I'm a shrew.  Actually, it makes
> no difference to me what yo think of me or what you waqnt to
> call me.  Your problem and a few others such as Visha; and
> Ken, is precisely that I don't give any credence to your
> opinions of me.  SOmehow this seems to annoy you all quite a
> bit.  Oh well.

Annoyed ?  Testosterone overdose ?  You are trying to flatter yourself dear!!  
Song quote or not, for someone who claims to pride herself on her bitchiness, 
you are singularly uninteresting.  Oh, your bitchiness has shown flashes of 
potential, but it needs more work, more bite, more consistency.

- Vishal