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Love-Hounds Digest #8.38

From: (Steve VanDevender)
Date: Sat, 8 Feb 1992 11:15:52 -0800
Subject: Love-Hounds Digest #8.38
In-Reply-To: <92Feb8.083548pst.436423@wiretap.Spies.COM>

Peter Manchester:
>       To throw in one last twist, it could be that the Reichian spelling of 
>orgone/Orgonon is behind the video's placement of the ranch with the 
>cloudbusters in Oregon (instead of Maine).  In which case we have a NEW slip/ 
>pun to take up with Kate.

I was certainly astonished to see the "Oregon Times" appear in
the "Cloudbusting" video; it may have been one of the things that
made a lasting impression on me when I first saw the video.

I do hope that Kate doesn't pronounce "Oregon" as "O-re-gohn" to
make it parallel with "orgone".  It would at least be an original

Meredith Tarr:
>She (or whoever) found a Portland in Oregon, spaced on the fact
>that the events in question happened in Maine, and the infamous
>(to us Mainers, anyway ;) "Oregon Times" blooper was born.

Blooper?  I like the idea that somebody noticed that "Oregon" is
an anagram of "orgone".  What can you get by rearranging the
letters of "Maine"?

I also like it that Kate cast her eye this way, although if she
really knew Oregon she would have known that we don't really need
a cloudbuster that much.  Although I could go for one now, with
global warming and El Nino giving us an almost unpleasantly mild
winter and a complete lack of snowpack.