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Re: Various questions

Date: Sat, 8 Feb 1992 10:18:42 -0800
Subject: Re: Various questions
Organization: fegmaniax anonymous (Rob Sanner) sez:
>I found this weekend a bootleg lp of b-sides entitled "Backsides", with 
>10 b-side tracks, but I have not yet seen a cd bootleg.

ack! forgot about this one (longtime love-hounds will recall more often
than i that my memory is not one of my strong points). _backsides_ *is*
available on cd. a track listing for those who care:

december will be magic again/warm and soothing/ran tan waltz/fullhouse/
the empty building [sic]//burning bridge/not this time/the handsome cabin
boy/the big sky (meterological mix)

sound quality is quite good. don't pay more than $30 for the cd or $15 for
the lp though.

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