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Date: Sat, 8 Feb 1992 09:33:23 -0800
Subject: personal

Dear all...I'm new to both the network and to Kate's music (well, as of 
last year, anyway). I'm a little nervous at weighing in to a discussion 
where the various items fly fast and furious, but I have an info request,
and there certainly seems to be a lot of same flying around. 
I'm a musicologist (ABD) at Indiana University, and last year wrote an
article on "Love and Anger" from SW. Specifically drawing on feminist 
criticism, interviews, song texts, performance studies, semiotics, musical
analysis, Tarot scholarship, Wicca, Sufism (yes, the net wound up being 
cast pretty wide). I've gotten good responses locally from those academics
and musicians who have seen this...Now comes my info question: does anyone
know of academic journals/publications which might be receptive to this? 
Most of the periodicals in which most musicological research is published
exhibit a heavy orientation toward male/European/"classical"/hetero/Cauca-
sian topics. Part of me wants to confront the honkey male establishment on
its own turf, but I'm sure that there are other forums out there which 
might be less resistant and more sympathetic. Sorry to have my first mes-
sage be a request for help, but I'm thinking I've probably come to the right
place. Any info much appreciated; if I can return the favor I'd be happy to 
do so. Mail can reach me at "" Best, Chris Smith