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Trouser Press
July 1979
By Eric Chappe

Kate Bush
EMI America SMAS 17008

20-year old Kate Bush caused quite a stir in Britain last year with a number one single,"Wuthering Heights",and a good debut LP to boot. With Lionheart, she consolidates her position as a major new female songwriter;her constant unpredictability giving each song a fascinatingly different yet alluring quality. The fantasy-like ambience that Kate's unusual voice gives her songs imbues them with an eerie, phantasmagoric feel and atmosphere, reminiscent of the warblings of some unearthly fairy princess.

If that sounds a bit wimpy, it's not. Kate Bush is a sensuous songwriter who never denies her own sexuality. Songs like "Symphony in blue" and "In the warm room" seethe with a warmth and passion unequalled by any current woman songwriter. Whether these songs are indicative of Kate's fantasies or realities remains unanswered, but sample these couplets from the latter tune: " In the warm room/ You'll fall into her like a pillow/ Her thighs are soft as marshmallows/Say hello,to the soft musk of her hollows." The singing itself is as impassioned as the action taking place in the song.

Bush is also unafraid to tackle gutsy and powerful material. The unusually contrasting slow then fast tempos of "Don't push your foot on the heartbreak",give Kate a chance to build tension and then wail like a banshee on the hard-rocking chorus,a sound unlike any thing else on record. Kate Bush is more than just another pretty face-as both singer and songwriter she's both unique and compelling.

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