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MTV Most Wanted
with Ray Cokes
October 22, 1993

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Date: Sat, 23 Oct 93 01:42 MET
From: uli@zoodle.robin.de (Ulrich Grepel)
Subject: Kate Bush live on phone in MTV Most Wanted with Ray Cokes on October 22, 1993


Tonight Kate was on MTV Europe: MTV Most Wanted with Ray Cokes. Ray talked to her over the phone, three videos were shown, the shoe box was shown (VERY nice thing!) There even is a set of ballett shoes in there, though smaller than baby's feet... The CD was shown. The booklet was shown, it's actually not a book but a poster of about 4 times 6 the size of a normal CD booklet. One side has lyrics over a BIG bunch of fruits, the other has a big picture of Kate and her male dancer.

Shoebox description:

about 30*15*10 cm, high red, the round picture from the album cover on top of it, several sheets of paper are in it, one of them with 'New release' as a big headline and a lot more of text unreadable on TV/video. The box is laid out in black and red and contains the CD and a small version of the big box that's black and has the round album picture too. This small box contains a set of red shoes (probably size 2). No T-Shirt was in there, but there was plenty of room for one, so maybe it was taken out before?

[Hounds of Love video is played.]

Persons: Ray Cokes, Kate Bush (on phone) and Rob the Cameraman as well as other unnamed studio crew]

Ray: [playing with a rubber troll squeeeaaaking] Haha-haha! [???] Welcome back, that was an old Kate Bush song and in a couple of seconds we're going to talk with the new Kate Bush, but before that, quickly, quickly, your faxes are getting worse and worse. You do - they do say that you get the audience you deserve - and I don't know about you.

Andy and Caren in Lockhead [sp?], watching in England saying "Just to let you know that we have the perfect solution to your hair, or lack of it, problem." Thanks very much, Andy and Caren. [Ray showing a fax]

"As of now we are keeping a bag by the side of the bath and once a week we will clean out the plug hole and [Rob going ugheeaaahhh...] collect all the discarded hair and send it to you to stick on top of your head."

[Sounds of dismay around the studio] Thank you, lovely. Okay, no more -enough of that now. Still to come more faxes for those who stay tuned. If you've sent me a fax I may well read it out if it's funny enough.

But you know that I've been on phone to you at home. But I don't know all the people, but I'm also a friend of the stars. And all I had to do was to look into my little black book earlier on today and look under Bush, Kate. bldpbldpbldpbl... How many of those do ya know. One! And I found where she is, because noone can find Kate for interviews these days - and I've tracked her down, especially for you. She's very, very busy at the moment, working on a new film, and of course the new album is about to be out, and I hope now that she can hear me and will be able to talk to you. Kate and me. Hello Kate.

Kate: Hello!

Ray: Kate!

Kate: Hi!

Ray: Is it really you?

Kate: It might be!

Ray: What's the name of your new album?

Kate: The Red Shoes.

Ray: How do you sing normally?

Kate: I try to sing in tune.

Ray: Does that sound like Kate Bush to you?

Rob: [not overwhelmed...] Yeah, could be.

Ray: Could be. Could be.

Rob: Yeah.

Ray: We go with it, all right! Good evening, Kate!

Kate: Hi!

Ray: How are you today?

Kate: I'm o.k., thank you.

Ray: You're really busy at working at the moment in a sound studio or something, aren't you?

Kate: That's right.

Ray: Now what are you up to? 'Cause we know that the new album which I'm now showing to MTV, and you can't see it, can you? - You can't see it, but everyone else can. The new album is out soon. Tell us about the album, cause it's out on Monday, tell us about it...

Kate: Ahh, it is out on the first of November. I think that's the next Monday, isn't it?

Ray: Yeah, next Monday, yeah, Monday week. [laughing]

Rob: It's very sad.

Ray: Yeah, going well so far, isn't it? I've done my research, Kate! - [Kate laughing, Ray laughing] No, I've not.

Kate: So I see.

Ray: [laughing] Yes, why you know me. O.k. So, tell us about the album. You got a lot of very famous people who are sort of popping in to do like Jeff Beck and Eric Clapton and Prince on a number and stuff.

Kate: Yeah!

Ray: How do you do that?

Kate: Well, I rang them up and asked them.

Ray: That - that simple!

Kate: I'm afraid so.

Ray: And they said 'yes'!

Kate: Yes, they did!

Ray: Now also we've seen the Rubberband Man. Oh sorry, Rubberband Man! We've seen your latest video, Rubberband Girl, ok? [Kate and Rob lauging]

Kate: Yeah.

Ray: Don't worry, I'm, I'm - I'm really good today. I'm on good form, Kate. [???] we saw your video, now we're going to see in a few short minutes a new version which you've made.

Kate: That's right.

Ray: So, why did you do - why did you want to make another version of the, of the video?

Kate: Well, I was actually asked to do so by America.

Ray: Yeah.

Kate: And - it was quite an interesting experiment just to make more a kind of straight forward promo, which only took a day to shoot. So - it was, it was quite fun really.

Ray: And the new one of course is all split up with bits from the film that we're going to see soon...

Kate: Yes, that's right.

Ray: ... starring, starring Miranda Richardson. Good, I'm getting some stuff right now. I'm all right, I'm back on track. Tell us about the film, Kate, because you're very closely envolved with everything.

Kate: Oh yes! It was, it was an idea that came up when I finished the album, of putting some songs together from the album but making a sort of story to a film.

Ray: mm-hm.

Kate: So it's a kind of short film, it's 40 minutes long, and it is really trying to be a short film rather than a long video, but I'll be very interested to see what people think of it.

Ray: What sort of medium is it going to be available on. Do we have to go to the cinema to watch it or is it going to be released on video?

Kate: Well, I'm not sure yet. We're hoping to get some showings on television, but because it's a short film it doesn't easily sort of fit into a lot of formats, so I don't know if we'll be able to get it shown at the cinema. We've got a showing at the London Film Festival, but that's the only definite thing so far.

Ray: It's a shame there, isn't it, cause I remember when I was a kid all those years ago, every - when you go and see a major film at the cinema they'd also show a short film beforehand.

Kate: That's right!

Ray: Wouldn't it be perfect! Have you enjoyed that? [???] In a lot of your videos you've been acting and you've had speaking parts [???] Do you obviously enjoy all of that?

Kate: Yeah, I really enjoy the process of film, I think it's fascinating, and I've learned so much through doing this, I mean. I will be very interested to know what people think of it, because it's difficult for me to tell being so close to it whether, you know, people actually like it. But I've learned so much, and all the people involved were so talented, so it's a really great experience for me.

Ray: Now does this mean now that you're getting so involved in film and trying out these other mediums that we're gonna have a rarity of seing you on stage sometime.

Kate: [laughing] Well, I think it is already a bit of a rarity.

Ray: It is, it is, Kate, just a bit!

Kate: I'm afraid so. [Ray laughing] But I like to think that I would do some shows again sometime. I did really enjoy it, but I just got so involved in making albums, and things are a sort of more removed from actual live performance. So I first when I'm wrapped up in this it's, it's a bit... I just don't have the energy to then launch into tours.

Ray: Now I can imagine. First of the energy we always see you covorting[?] around on stage. Now, the album has taken a bit of time, hasn't it? It's taken...

Kate: Yes

Ray: Taken... Why is that? Is that because, you know, you work slowly or because you are a perfectionist?

Kate: Well, it's difficult to tell, because actually I write the songs really quickly, but then somewhere in the middle it becomes this big evolution where the tracks sort of take on their own life really. And it didn't take four years to make the album, it probably took about two and a half. I took a long break in the middle. But I think that thing it's... hopfeully it's not how long it takes you know what it sounds like.

Ray: Yes.

Kate: I hope.

Ray: There's a great vibe on the album, I've been listening to it this afternoon, there's a great vibe.

Kate: Oh, whew, thank you!

Ray: Do you - do you like, did it - a worry for you, you know like because you've been around a long time now, you're very well established, you've got a big fan base. People like U2 go often feel the need to reinvent themselves. Have you've been troubled about that?

Kate: Well, I thought in some ways everytime I start an album I'm trying to do something different from the one before, so in some way it is a sort of reinvention, I guess.

Ray: Now, one thing I [wanna ask???] you is a bit of a trivial thing is that, when you open the inner sleeve there are hundreds and thousands of fruits everywhere. So what does that mean?

Kate: Well, it's really just a time with a song called Eat The Music which has a lot of references to fruits and opening fruits.

Ray: O.k. And. What we're gonna do of course, Kate, what I'd like to ask you now - terrible, while we're live on air - is that you know it's all very well talking to you on the phone, but it'd be much better if we could see you and if you could come in and if we could have a nicer, closer chat then, Kate...

Kate: Well, I'm there in spirit.

[laughing around the studio and on the phone...]

Ray: Sorry, we... that's why we've got a terrible hang-over sit down here... That's why I've been stumbling at the beginning, Kate. Well, will you be coming in some time?

Kate: Well, I hope so.

Ray: Ok, we hope so too. Well let me go back to your work, and good luck with the film.

Kate: Thank you. Thank you very much.

Ray: Will look out for that.

Kate: Thank you.

Ray: So you're having the first showing at the London Film Festival in November?

Kate: That's right.

Ray: Right, ok. Well we'll look forward to that. Thanks a lot for joining us, Kate.

Kate: Well, thank you.

Ray: And we're showing the new video right now. Would you like to sort of lead us into it?

Kate: Aahhmmm... Yeah, I'll try...

Ray: Ok. It's called Rubberband Girl, remember.

Kate: That's right.

Ray: Not Rubberband Man [laughter]

Kate: No. Ok, well, here you are. Everyone, this is Rubberband Girl.

Ray: [??Kate] best.

Kate: All the best.

Ray: Thanks Kate,

Kate: Bye-bye.

Ray: Bye.

[The OLD version of the Rubberband Girl video is played.

Afterwards: BIG MESS in the studio, Ray getting angry, giving a video tape to Rob's hand, YELLING out etc, Ray happy about another opportunity to chat with Kate...

The NEW version of the Rubberband Girl video is played.]

Description of the new video:

This is much more a promo video than the film excerpt that the earlier video was. Kate is wearing sunglasses about half the time, she's dancing a lot, alone and together with her male partner, no band can be seen, quite a lot of solarizing effects are used, many more locations are filmed than in the first video, several film excerpts from The Line, The Cross And The Curve are shown, together with the vocal parts of these pieces.

I'm not good in describing videos, so I'll give the rest of this task to someone else ;-).

Bye, Uli

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