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Dec. 1993

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Date: Sat, 18 Dec 93 18:19:05 -0700
From: finley@lambda.uleth.ca (Kent Finley)
Subject: Kate on MuchMusic: Interview Dec. 1993

From "FAX" on MuchMusic, Tuesday 14 December 1993:

Monika Deol (co-host): 'The Red Shoes' is Kate Bush's first album in 4 years. In Toronto for a brief promotional tour, she spoke with 'The New Music's Jannalynna (sp?) White about the album's theme of dancing shoes, which was inspired by the 1948 film of the same name.

<cut to Rubberband Girl video, American style (chorus)>

JW: I was wondering what 'The Red Shoes' represented for you on a metaphorical level, based on knowing that it's an old European story.

KB: <sitting, hands folded in lap, wearing leather biker's jacket>

I, I suppose it -- on lots of levels it's, it's very symbolic, but, uh, I guess it's the idea of being possessed by art that I think is, um, is particularly interesting to me, and the idea of, um, once you embrace the obsession, that in a way it begins, or it can, actually, take control of you, uh, and I think in some ways with my work, it's quite often a battle between who's in charge when I'm making records, you know, if it's it or me.

<cut to "When I slip out of my catapult...">

JW: I've seen your progression as a dancer and a singer and-- <clip from 'Moving', Live at the Hammersmith> and I think, "God, she does it all so well," and yet I sense that you have a level of dissatisfaction around your dance. Is that true?

KB: Oh yes, absolutely. I think I have a level of dissatisfaction around everything I do, really. I don't think I'd want to keep doing it if I didn't. It's--in a way, it's, uh, the desire to try and actually do something that you'r pleased with that, uh, <laughing> keeps you motivated.

<cut to "A rubberband hold me trousers up...">

<cut to Michael Jackson, 'Dangerous'> ... rest of FAX

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