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JBTV -Chicago
12-19-93 (synopsis)

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Date: Sun, 19 Dec 93 04:41 CST
From: chrisw@fciad2.bsd.uchicago.edu (chris williams)
Subject: JBTV Interview

Chris here,

The JBTV interview was suprisingly good, given Kate's recent insistance on answering every question with a predetermined, cliche'd response.

They played the American Rubberband Girl , Eat The Music and a snippet of The Line, The Cross, The Curve with Lindsey Kemp struggling to remain upright in fiercely blowing snow.

Jerry Bryant promised that this is the first part of a multi-part interview, and the second part will air in January. JBTV started as a Public Access (US cable TV systems are required to set aside one or more channels for anyone who wants to produce a show. Yes, it *is* as generally awful as it sounds) show. Most of these shows have no production values to speak of, but Jerry has made a lot of money producing radio spots and he has built his own state-of-the-art TV facility and moved the show into the commercial realm. He has indicated that he plans to get one of those promised "500 channels" and produce something to challenge eMpTyVee.

The only new info: Kate has never been to the top of the Empire State building, she has never been to Chicago. All in all, pretty content-free.

I did videotape it, on VHS and Beta, and Uli, I made an extra 1st gen. I also captured a couple images and will be uploading to alt.binaries.pictures.misc and ftp.uwp.edu in GIF and JPEG formats.

To the Reaching Out (Interviews) Table of Contents

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