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"YTV Rocks"
Dec. 1989

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Date: Fri, 8 Dec 89 12:55:04 EST
From: "Martin R. Lamb" <martinn@csri.toronto.edu>
Subject: YTV Dec. 1989 (short)

Canadian Youth TV channel. "YTV Rocks":

Close to the end of the program, my friend was talking to me when I suddenly heard "blah blah Kate Bush interview". Not being sure when it is going to be shown, I set my VCR on Monday just in case, and when I got home, lo and behold there is the Goddess speaking, albeit for all of 5 minutes. It's disappointingly short, but at least it's SOMETHING!

I have transcribed the "interview" below. The interviewer is neither seen nor heard - only Kate's responses are shown. In between the responses, snippets from videos as well as comments from the host in the studio are heard. I have not included the trite comments, which are along the lines of "she's working with a Bulgarian vocal choir" [!] and "her dance videos are unlike those of Janet Jackson or Paula Abdul." [All together now, ROLL YOUR EYES.]

Kate is seen sitting in front of the control panel of a recording studio. She is wearing a black jacket, and she looks to her right when talking, presumably where the interviewer is.

[Rocket's Tail is played against images of fireworks]

I first heard the Trio Bulgarka when I'd finished the last album, and I was devastated. I think everyone that hears it for the first time is; it's *INCREDIBLY* powerful music. I listened to it for a long time, and started thinking how nice it'd be if I could somehow work with them.

I worked with Irish musicians before, and Irish music I think is in my blood. My mother's Irish and my brother was always playing it when I was a kid. I feel a real affinity for Irish music, and really knew nothing about Bulgarian music until a few years ago. But when you hear it, and you relate it to something like Irish music, there are a lot of similarities.

[clips from TSW and RutH are played ]

I've never thought of myself as a dancer, and I suppose I've never really thought of myself as a singer either; it's just things that come together with writing songs. I got an incredible amount out of it, but I would never think of myself as a dancer, because I always have to stop; I just can't ever hold it together. I suppose I'm too obsessive about making albums. I could hold it together once I'm out of the studio. I just don't have the discipline I guess. [ shrugs and smiles ]

[ a scene from Cloudbusting ]

My favorite videos are when the song has a story; when it is actually like a story that you could then turn into a little piece of film. Say, like Cloudbusting, that's a lot of fun to make. It was a story and it's a matter of telling the story visually.

I'd *LOVE* to make a film, even if it's just a short film. It's like going back to that story-telling process again, where I'd be able to deal [?] with pictures as well as sound. Putting the two together is such a powerful thing.


I have thanked them for doing this by mail, but I doubt if any more of the interview will be shown. They seem to like KT but judging from the comments they make they aren't too well versed in matters Bushological.

Tippi Chai

To the Reaching Out (Interviews) Table of Contents

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