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Rapido Interview
14th October 1989

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Date: Fri, 27 Oct 89 17:05:19 BST
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Subject: Rapido Interview on BBC2 TV 14th October 1989

This is a transcript of the item on the BBC 2 programme Rapido about Kate's album. The punctuation is mine, and is as accurate as I can make it given that Kate ums and ers a lot and does not always complete sentences. There is an unseen female announcer and Kate replying to unheard questions.

A. The Sensual World is Kate's first collection of new songs in four years. Advance reports of the album have already raised a few eyebrows.

K. I shouldn't have made the mistake of saying that I felt ... I felt that this album was my most personal and most female so far, and everyone has been saying to me "What do you mean by female?" And it's just a feeling really, that ... it just feels more an expression of myself as a woman this time.

I. Much of the new LP was recorded at Kate's home studio in Kent but its musical contributors come from far and wide. They include French harpist Alan Stivell who obviously wasn't put off by Kate's tea-making .

< shots of Kate making tea in best British transport cafe tradition>

K. I've been a big fan of Alan's music for quite a while and I thought how nice it would be to get him to come in and play some harp and about two days later this letter turned up out of the blue ... and I'd never met the guy or spoken to him or anything, and it was a letter from Alan saying that he'd really like to work with me and he didn't know if I'd heard his music but ... and it's like, you know, within a space of two days we'd suddenly come into the air ... and so that is how we met and worked together.

I. Among the other guests on The Sensual World are Bulgarian singers the Trio Bulgarka and an old friend, Dave Gilmour from Pink Floyd.

K. It was so good for me to come this full circle where, as you know, Dave was very involved in getting my initial signing to the record company and I'd kinda written this song and I knew I wanted the Bulgarian singers to be the main body of the song. And the idea is that at one point in the song the character dresses up as a rocket and jumps off this bridge, and it just felt so right that Dave Gilmour should be the rocket - you know, sort of ... off the bridge. You know ... he's kind of the guitar hero isn't he?

I. There was a time when Kate could turn out two albums in the same year and then go off on a major tour. Nowadays the excitement of an LP release is more likely to make her disappear for a few years.

K. I feel that it's important for me to retreat and to ... I don't see myself as a famous person, as a personality. It's really just me pushing my work. You know, I have to kinda promote my work, not me. So as soon as the work has been promoted then I can go back to doing the work and not promoting it. So I tend not to get involved in a lot of areas of the business and just sort of stay quiet until I've got another album out. <laughs>

I. Kate's debut some eleven years ago provoked an epidemic of weak knees amongst schoolboys and grown-men alike. Many have never recovered and in fact seem to get worse with each new Bush sighting.

K. Well, I think they must be completely mad. < laughs > It's extraordinary. You know, I find that even more extraordinary than the fact that people are willing to wait four years and then want to buy an album, and the fact that people still even bother to ask me if I'm going to tour, you know ... I think you're all completely mad ... <laughs> and thank you very much, but ... <laughs >

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