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"News of the Week"
Oct. 1989

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Date: 27 Oct 89 16:35 +0100
From: Norvald Stol <stol%vax.elab.unit.uninett@nac.no>
Subject: MTV-Europe Oct. 1989

The following is an attempt of transcribing what KT said on MTV-Europe's "News of the Week" (or something like that)-program last week.

I am, however, unable to get all the formulations correct. I guess some of them are slang words; but in one occasion (the very last word she says here) it's probably a proper english word unknown to me. Please note that english is NOT my native language, before sending out heavy "flames"!

I've used <...> for words which are uncertain/unknown to me.

It'starts off with an intro by the program-presenter, Pip Dann :

PIP: And then there is Kate Bush and her <cutesy> Sensual World. Her public image has run the <gammoc> from <alfen pixie> to <eterial> floating dancy things to post-modern meets Kurosawa. But whatever <guise> she chooses to appear in, the one constant is that her music is interresting, innovative, and provides the media with endless scope for analysis and speculation. But just what has SHE got to say about it ?

..(Clips from Wuthering Heights and The Sensual World videos. during Kate's "statement" the music to TSW is faded in and out, and some glimpses are also shown inbetween showing her sitting besides some studio equipment (I think it is) ).

KATE: It's an extrodinary series of things that can act as inspiration, from something someone might say in a conversation to something you see in a film or you read in a book. I would say that they are my main forms of inspiration. Particulary films over the years, because I suppose with visual imaginary -e- it's such powerful stuff, it can hang around in your head for a long time and come back. So when you come to the next album, chances are to find something interresting again, something new. You have to look that much further, you have to go OVER the hill, rather than just UP the hill this time (smiling). And also between albums -e- if you're not careful, you just make the writing a continuation of the album before, rather than starting something new, trying to say something new on the album, which hopefully is what it's about.

You know, I think most people still think of me as the Wuthering Heights weird, lots of arms and hair (laughing). With something like "The Sensual World", it's very much imagiary, it's a <nuration> and it's dealing with quite abstract things. -e- So it was quite difficult knowing what to do with this video. I ended up feeling the best thing to do was to turn it into a performance, and I worked with Peter Richardson. He was a lot of fun to work with. We wrote it together, and he gave me much more freedom in front of the camera, to be a performer working with a partner. And really I think we wanted to get across the idea of the sensuality of the world, say, the weather, the elemental energies, and keep it a straight performance but moving through these different things that the environment <...this last word sounds like "choses",

but I guess it should be "imposes", or something like that ...>

--- end of "statement" ---

When flaming MTV, make sure it's the US MTV you're flaming. MTV-Europe shows the TSW-video many times a day, in fact I think it's currently one of the MOST SHOWN videos. I suspect that VJ Maiken Wex| is a HUGE KT-fan. She has also shown many of Kate's older videos lately.

Bye for now.

Norvald (in Trondheim, Norway).

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