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Much Music Spotlight
by Christopher Ward
28th Jan 1987

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From: 840248n@aucs.UUCP (Derek Noble)
Date: 29 Jan 87 19:19:33 GMT
Subject: Much Music Spotlight, Canada TV, 28th Jan 1987

On Wednesday Jan. 28 on Much Music (the Canadian answer to MTV) there was a Kate Bush spotlight which highlighted 6 of her videos and a few snatches of an interview that VJ Christopher Ward conducted with her in the Much Music studio in Toronto. The following is what transpired:

KB: I can actually say I'm happy with some of the things we did in it. It's one of those things that when you make a video, quite often the song isn't lending itself to the kind of visual ideas that you'd like it to, and with Breathing I think it had such a strong story that it was easier for us to visualize something that we felt was powerful.

CW: The song sounds like it was built on visual ideas to begin with, to some extent.

KB: I think when I'm writing songs I do have quite strong visual ideas but they're not necessarily video vidual ideas if you know what I mean. I think in order to get to a place or to consider yourself in someone else's position you try to imagine an environment and I thinkk in some ways you think quite visually about that.

Video: Breathing

Video: Sat in Your Lap

CW: You suffered a fate in the early going of your career of being somewhat of a pinup girl in the British pop mags. How did you deal with that?

KB: I think what worried me was that it was going to stop people taking my music seriously. I always find it very complimentary of people who say that they find me attractive and my worry is really that it would get in the way of my music. It's not that I find that so much of a problem as people wouldn't accept my music, but I don't think that that has been a problem, I think people do seem to accept my music for its sake.

Video: The Dreaming

Video: Running Up That Hill

Video: Cloudbusting

Video: Experiment IV

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