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Rockline (French TV)
Sept. 1985

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Date: Thu, 5 Dec 1991 02:44:16 -0800
From: rhill@pnet01.cts.com (Ronald Hill)
Subject: Rockline (French TV) Sept. 1985

78. Rockline: Kate is interviewed and video clips are shown on the French TV programme, September 1985.

A typically constrained interview for this period, with more or less stock questions and replies. This interview was conducted in English, but was broadcast with the questions dubbed in afterward in French and Kate's replies left intact but given French subtitles.

[Transcribed by Ron Hill. Above note by IED. Since the questions are only heard in French, I have not been able to transcribe them. If anybody out there speaks French and would like to fill them in for me I would be appreciative.]

[The "Running Up That Hill" video is played.]

I: Kate Bush... [???] ...Akido, kendo.

K: Yes, that's interesting. Maybe you're thinking of Kendo because of the clothes that we're wearing. We're wearing Hakama, which are the Japanese trousers. It was really fun working on that video, I've been working with Diane Grey, a dance teacher who I found at the top of '83. And while I'd been making the album, I hadn't really had any time to carry on the dance at all, for me it's one thing at a time. And when we had to make that video, I basically went into full training again from a year of having done nothing. And we worked together, with Diane choreographing, and it was fantastic, it was just such a such good experience. And I think what we were trying to do was, we felt that all the videos that are around that there's a lot of dance appearing in them, but it's not really serious dance. And no-one has yet tried to film just a nice serious piece of dance, properly, and that's what we were trying to achieve...

I: Kate, [???]

K: Well after the last album, I really wanted to take a break. Working on an album is a very intense process for me, really, locked away in the studio for maybe up to a year working on it. And when you get to the end of a project like that you really want to go and get some new stimulus, create a new energy for a new album. So I took some time out, finding a new dance teacher, and a lot of time I spent building and equipping our own recording studio, which we then recorded all the material in.

I: [???]

K: I don't think that's the priority in my head, what really concerns me is that what I do has as much effort put into it that we can, that we can do the best we can within our limitations. It just tends to take me longer then most people to do something that I'm pleased with.

I: Kate Bush, [???]

K: I don't enjoy working so [??? long] It's actually very frustrating for me that things take so long. But again, it's the level of the work, that in a way it's something that's bigger than me. And that when I start it's... I'm never sure if I'll actually be able to finish it because I'm not sure if what I want to accomplish is possible. And so I think again thats why it does take a long time.

I: [???] Hounds Of Love?

K: It's almost like two separate albums for me, this really, in that the first side is five separate songs, if they're linked it's only be the theme of love - they're all forms of love songs, they're about relationships. They're all very different subject matters from each other. And the second side of the album is a conceptual piece which is seven songs all linked together. And it's very much something that was designed and written to work as one piece of music.

I: [???]

K: I think that's how human beings are, though, I don't think anyone has a real sense of reality. Everything we see is how we experience it in our heads and I think along with that goes an awful lot of dreams and illusions and so I think it's quite a real thing.

I: Kate, [???]

K: Yes, I'd really love to do another show and since that last one it's really been the matter of finding the time and the moment to do it. It wasn't until I'd got to the end of the last album that I had enough new material to do a completely new show. And so now here I am at the end of this album and maybe when I get the projects out of the way that are definitely what I want I do first, I would then very much like to do a show. It was a fantastic experience, I learnt such a lot about myself as well as the whole process. And I would dearly love to do it again, it's really just finding the moment.

I: Kate [???]

K: Kate, I don't think there's anything I could ask for, I think he's given me far too much as it is.

I: Bye, bye, Kate.

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