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"Saturday Superstore"
with Mike Read
October 1982

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Date: Wed, 4 Dec 1991 02:13:02 -0800
From: rhill@pnet01.cts.com (Ronald Hill)
Subject: Saturday Superstore by Mike Read October 1982

65. Saturday Superstore: Kate is interviewed by Mike Read on the U.K. TV programme, October 1982.

This rather lengthy guest appearance by Kate on a silly British chat-show in 1982 is remarkable for the blithe ignorance of its host. Kate handles all the nonsense with perfect poise.

[Transcribed by Ron Hill. Above note by IED]

[Blithe ignorance skipped]

I: Do you have a local store that you go to, or not?

K: Yeah, I do, for vegetables and things like that.

I: Do you always buy the same things, I find when I go to the store I always think "hmmm, what should I get?" Well, I always end up getting exactly the same things every week.

K: Well, I try to get different things, but normally it's the same things, yes.

I: Do you get out to shop much on saturdays or not?

K: Not much, no.

I: You maybe stay in bed after working all week.

K: Yeah, I try to sleep as much as I can, normally.

I: Right. [Rambling babble skipped] You're very into making videos, Do you find it easier. I mean it's a completely different sort of medium, really isn't it, making videos?

K: Yes.

I: Is it something you enjoy doing?

K: Yes. I love doing it. I think the great this is that it's a very growing industry so each time you make a video there's probably new effects around and new techniques.

I: Are you able to throw in your own ideas, you know. Or does the producer say "right, Kate, you know you'll do this and you'll do this." Or are you able to say "well, I fancy doing this?" Do you get quite a bit of freedom.

K: Yes, I do, I think because of the way I used to work. I always used to work with Keith Macmillan, who was a fantastic director, because it's really the director in videos who keep the direction together. And he was very great, he always used to let me get as involved as I wanted to. And I learnt everything I know from him, really.

I: Who's your choreographer as well. Because having seen lots of you - I've got a whole videocassette of you at home

K: Have you? [Laughs]

I: - and the dancing is amazing. Does somebody do your choreography or do you do that yourself?

K: Well, for the tour I had a lot of help from a man called Anthony Van Laast. But for a lot of the videos, most of the choreography is mine, yeah.

I: Cause I know a lot of girls would like to dance like... and they say "wooo, I wish I could dance like Kate Bush does." I mean all this sort of movement. Does that come from anywhere, did you see anyone and say "that's how I'd like to dance." I mean, did you model your movements on a particular dancer or not.

K: I don't think I actually modeled the movements, but I've definitely been inspired by particular people and when you see people that are really great, you want to be like them. But I think the thing about dance and music is that it's very much an expression of you from within. So even if you learn to dance or sing, there's always that thing from you, which is really what it's about, I think.

I: There's hope for me yet.

K: Oh, definitely!

I: What about the singing style, was that derived from somebody, or was that something that just naturally came? Because it's very unique, your style.

K: I think that's something that grew over the years, because when I first started singing I had a very untoneful voice. I mean I could sing in tune, but there was no quality to my voice at all. And over the years, the more I kept singing the more it started changing and growing.

I: I'm still at the untoneful stage, so you never know. I'll keep trying. [Laughs]

K: Yeah, you must try! You must keep trying!

I: [Laughs] Right, we're going to see your video in a second. Michael Biggs, who's twenty and who live at Evenclose [???] Brampton in Cambashire, says "I'd like to see Kate Bush please." Well, your wish is granted. [Kate spreads arms in "I'm here" gesture] And your order is granted as well. Here's Kate Bush singing "The Dreaming".

[The song is played]

I: Was that a laser beam in there?

K: It was, it was.

I: Amazing, that looked quite good. It's very clever the way you... Do you actually see it when your holding onto it?

K: Yes, yes.

I: Or pretending to hold onto it.

K: Yes, that's right pretending.

[More stuff skipped]

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