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"Delia Smith's Cookery Course"

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Date: Mon, 5 Aug 1991 00:23:55 -0800
From: rhill@pnet01.cts.com (Ronald Hill)
Subject: Delia Smith's Cookery interview UK TV 1980

53. Delia Smith's Cookery: Kate is interviewed about vegetarianism, and shows examples of her favourite salads. U.K. TV, 1980 (?).

This clip was apparently taped in the garden of the family home. Kate talks with great enthusiasm about the healthful dishes which she and her sister-in-law have prepared for the programme; and Kate makes a touching case for vegetarianism, concluding: "I hope people will think about it, because there really is a lot in vegetables!"

[Transcribed by Ron Hill. Above note by IED. I haven't actually SEEN this clip, but have transcribed it from a cassette tape provided by IED, so I have not attempted to describe any movements or the like]

Intro: ... of proving that point, I went to see someone who I think has energy PLUS!, the very talented and lovely Kate Bush.

I: Kate, how long have you been a vegetarian, all your life?

K: No, I haven't. It's about five years now.

I: And what made you decide in the first place?

K: Well, I think ever since I've been quite young I've always felt, not bad, but a bit guilty about eating meat because the fact that animals are killed and in a lot of cases in a very necessary way, you know, where it's a big exploitation of animals. And one day I just had this feeling and tried to a bit of meat and this feeling - it was so raw that I just identified immediately with the fact that it was an animal. That this thing was alive and it had been killed for me to eat it and I thought, "no, I'm not into this." So I thought I'd become a vegetarian. And I didn't have a clue, I had no idea what I could eat all I knew was that people didn't eat meat or fish. And I used to eat a lot of chocolate, so I lived for the next week off chocolate and tea.

I: Well that's not very good...

K: Well, no. This is what I thought so eventually through meeting other friends that were vegetarians and books and things I managed to get a diet together. And it's fantastic, because when I ate meat I wouldn't touch vegetables, I hated them. But since I've become vegetarian I'll eat really only vegetables, you know. So it's really broadened my diet.

I: Now, in front of us here you've got some of your favorite vegetarian dishes. Is this the sorta typical thing you'd serve if you have friends coming 'round?

K: Yes, it is really. My sister-in-law in fact cooked this. She's made a selection of salads, but probably what I'd do is just put it all in one, just make a big salad. But it is what I wold cook.

I: Let's have a look at this one first. This is vegetable, what sort of vegetables are in here?

K: Well, you've got carrots, mushrooms, tomatoes, onion, and peppers.

I: And they're just sorta cooked in their own juices.

K: Yes, she did them just naturally. Home cooked them all. She even cooked them in [marlma ???] - that's like a good gravy substitute and soy sauce is very good. All sorts of things.

I: That's going to be served with it?

K: Brown rice.

I: And how do you cook the brown rice?

K: It's very easy, really, you just boil it in water and salt.

I: It's really nutty and crunchy.

K: It's wonderful, it's so good for you. You know, it's the real stuff.

I: Now, this here, what's this mixture because this really does look interesting?

K: Well, that's roasted sunflower seeds and sesame seeds and they're in soy sauce.

I: I see. So it's a little bit of soy sauce just to give them a flavor, and roast them. And how do you eat them.

K: Well you just kinda like just sprinkle them over salads, which is fantastic.

I: I see.

K: But in fact it's quite nice by itself. It makes you feel a little bit like a parrot. [Interviewer laughs] But they're really good.

I: And this here?

K: That's yogurt with cucumber, and chives on top, and it's got garlic in it.

I: And what would you serve that with?

K: You'd serve it with a salad, just put it over the salad or on the sides, sprinkle in. It's very good with honey.

I: This salad here, what's this from?

K: It's called a waldorf salad...

I: Of course!

K: [??? inaudible]

I: They ran out of waldorfs!

K: Yeah! But I put waldorfs in it!

I: [Laughs] But it looks like a [harfast ???]

K: And celery and walnut with mayonnaise. That's fantastic, actually.

I: Yes, that looks lovely. And I notice you've got the skins [??? inaudible] salad.

K: Well they're so much natural goodness in skins that you just throw away and it's really silly, because there's half the goodness there.

I: And you also get so much more color.

K: I think so, yeah.

I: Well that looks really interesting, that one next door. What's in there?

K: Well there's oranges, been sprouts, brussle seeds, and water [??? clam]

I: And would you put a dressing on that?

K: You could do, yeah. I personally don't plan to dress mine so much.

I: And you've just got the cool flavor.

K: Well, I [??? inaudible] that's a very fresh salad, that one, it's very [??? inaudible]

I: Lovely. And what's next store?

K: Well, this is yogurt with honey.

I: And does that go with the fruit salad, or...?

K: Yes, it does. You could use it separately, but it's obviously designed [??? just like a cream]

I: What have you got in your fruit salad?

K: It's fresh fruit, which I think is the only way to make fruit salad. I can't believe that people make them out of [??? tunes], you know it's so wrong.

I: No.

K: This [??? can] is something that my sister-in-law made up. You put concentrated apple juice in it.

I: Oh that's good.

K: And it's fantastic, because it sets everything up and it's such a fruity taste.

I: And instead of using the dreaded sugar.

K: Yeah!

I: And you've got some nice hazel nuts in there that have been soaking in the juice, which must give it a nice punchy texture.

K: Yeah, I think it's very good to put nuts in fruit salads, before you put them in cakes. They are things that I think people miss out because they think nuts in chocolate - or, you know, there's a very selective area where you can use nuts, and I think you can put them in anything.

I: I agree. And so you're quite happy with your vegetarian diet, so you'll go on being a vegetarian.

K: I really hope so, yeah.

I: And you're quite into cooking now, I think.

K: Yeah, I love cooking. One thing I find hard is getting the time. And also sometimes when I cook and I make like phone-calls and that so by the time I've come back with the phone there's this sizzled thing sitting in the oven.

I: [Laughs] That's what cookery books never allow for.

K: No.

I: Anyway, thanks very much Kate for sharing with us.

K: Thank you, my pleasure. I hope people will think about it because I really do think there's a lot in vegetables.

K + I together: Thank you.

Announcer: Well I agree with that!

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