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"Bios Bahnhof"
German TV
February 9, 1978

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Date: Wed, 11 Oct 1995 10:07:19 -0100
From: Wieland Willker <willker@chemie.uni-bremen.de>
Subject: 3SAT epilogue: Bio's Bahnhof

For the linguistic talents:

Kate on Bios Bahnhof

a translation of the German conversation:

B: Kate! Hallo!
Kate you are great!
It's even a rhyme: Kate you are great!

(To a woman in the audience:) Mylady, you helped me out a little while ago, can you help me once again?
I have no flowers, maybe you can give me...
Yes, that's great. So. You're not only a great music-stand, but also an excellent flowergirl (Rosenfrau). Kate...
K: Thank you.. very much, thank you.
B: Thank YOU!
Ladies and gentlemen, isn't she a talent? And in 10 years, maybe in 5, maybe already in 2, she will perform in New York, in the Carnegie-Hall, in the Madison Square Garden. 15.000 people will go mad. And then she is going to say: Pssst! All people will calm down. Do not forget: My very beginning was in the "Depot der Koeln-Frechen-Benzelrather Eisenbahn"<a disused railway station/deposit>


B: The poor didn't get anything.

(to Kate, now really in English!:) When you will be very big, and I know you will, you will apear in a big hall and you will say: Never forget: My begin was in the Depot...

Can you say that?

K: Ooooh, God, say it...

B: (repeating the words)

K: (rolling her eyes) <<<<I LOVE that!>>>>


B: Do you know any word in german?

K: Nein!

B: Nein, - you should learn "Ja", that's better.

Thank you very much.


IMHO Alfred Biolek is a very nice guy. He has still several shows on German TV. We all have to acknowledge his far-sight and this very early realization of Kate's genius. Thank YOU, Alfred!

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