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Q magazine
"Awards interview"
 Interview conducted October 29, 2001
Published in issue no. 184 (Awards 2001)

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Q Classic Songwriter
Wow! Wow! Wow!
Wow! Wow! Wow!

Where are you from and what are you on?
Iíve just come from the stage where Iíve picked up my Q Award. Iím not eating anything because Iím too excited. Iíve been drinking water. Bottled, still water of course.

What was the best thing about 2001?
Giving up smoking, but Iím not a fanatical anti-smoker.

What was the last thing you won?
An inflatable hammer a few months ago at a fair. Actually, it wasnít me who won it Ė it was my son Bertie. I canít tell you where the fair was because I donít really want to.

Who is the best act in the world today?
My son Bertie when heís doing his Elvis impression. Presley or Costello? Er, Presley. I think.

What's the last record you bought?
The Bob The Builder one. Not the Mambo thing, the one before that Ė whatever it is called. Was it for me? Of course it wasnít. I donít really keep up with things like that.

What's next?
Well, right now a few of us are going for a little drink somewhere. No, I canít tell you where. More generally, I have to finish off my new album.

To the Reaching Out (Interviews) Table of Contents

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