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CFNY - Toronto
Jan. 1994

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From: Thomas Brasch <thombras@vef.north.net>
Date: Sun, 30 Jan 94 13:02:32 EST
Subject: CFNY Interview with Kate, Jan. 1994 (?)

Although this interview is shorter than I remember, I still feel it better than the interview that was conducted later that night which was broadcast throughout North America. I must admit that I felt rather embarrassed with the phone-in interview where people (mostly males) could say "I love you, Kate!" (a.k.a. "I want to bear your children and be your personal slave!") This sort of juvenile swooning is very unbecoming, degrading and even condescending. In my mind, I would not be in the least surprised that it is this sort of behaviour that turns Kate away from the public, causing her publicity shyness! Although we all dream of being famous at some point in our life, not many of us would feel comfortable with our peers kissing our feet.

Regardless, here is the interview with May Potts from CFNY, Toronto, Canada. I tried to transcibe it as best I could, keeping true to every word but trying to omit any "um's" which are just an ordinary part of speech.

Sorry about the delay!

{music cut: MOP and a very gracious intro on the part of May}

MP: Do you feel comfortable with fame?

KB: Um, in a lot of ways, no, I don't but then I don't really, um...I think it's how you deal with things. I feel so honoured to be in the situation where I'm actually doing what I like and I'm able to make a living out of it. And, I know so many people whose work is not what they would like to do. It's not what they enjoy. So I feel extremely lucky and I really hope that I will be able to continue being creative. It means a lot to me and I have a great deal of fun doing it and involving other people in it at the same time. And I suppose the thing of trying to make a piece of work as good as you can and doing your best and feeling that it is worthy to go out has a lot to do with not wanting to abuse the position I feel I'm in. I feel I'm in a very priveledged position. And I suppose also that the relationship I have with my work is to me very important. I don't abuse it. I never really wanted to be famous. Being famous is not what makes me write music or want to make albums. So, although there are some areas that I'm not comfortable with, there are so many where I am. And I am so grateful to be in this position. It is just a matter of me dealing with it as best I can.

MP: So tell us about your film, The Line, The Cross and The Curve. Does it tie in fairly closely to the original story, The Red Shoes.

KB: Not really to the original story. I suppose it does hop back to the fairy story more. But it's more the idea of working in a rehearsal studio with a band and suddenly this woman appears in the room and she tricks me out of my soul but she is represented by three symbols, and puts me under a spell which involves the Red Shoes. For the rest of the film, I have to try to win back my Soul. So it's kind of like a fairy tale that was adapted from the original one but which sort of turned into a modern fairy tale. I guess.

{music cut: The Red Shoes}

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