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April 1994

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From: pptjc@vaxk.bton.ac.uk (It's in the trees... It's coming...)
Date: Sat, 30 Apr 1994 21:57:41 GMT
Subject: Kate Bush interview on BBC 1, April 1994

And now, faster than a very fast thing, comes a transcription of the interview with Kate from "Good Morning With Anne And Nick" broadcast in the UK on BBC 1 on Friday 29/04/94...

Presented by Tania Bryer ("Good Morning" Showbiz Expert).

Nick: Let's talk Kate Bush

Tania: I knew you wanted to talk Kate Bush... Your a big fan.. So are a lot of people. We don't see enough of Kate Bush, she hasn't toured for ages but anyway she had an album out last year (The Red Shoes) and now she's written, she's starring in and directing a film based on six tracks from 'Red Shoes' and this is her debut directing and acting [no it isn't - Peter] and is about a 40 minute film - we went to a special preview; let's have a look at Kate.

[clip from the track 'The Red Shoes' sequence from 'The Line, The Cross, And The Curve']

Tania: It's 16 years since Kate Bush's first ever single, 'Wuthering Heights' went to No. 1. Her theatrical image has so far been confined to a few stage shows and her excellent videos but now she has directed a movie, 'The Line, The Cross, And The Curve'...

Kate: I suppose really when the album was finished I was aware that I was going to have to make some videos for singles that would be released and that to make a film that was... maybe half an hour/ 40 minutes long would be a way of making a more complete statement.

Tania: Kate's problem was that the album had no common theme so what *would* be the film's story? Then she realized; The shoes *were* the story. Despite having written lyrics for over 20 hits, Kate found writing the script very difficult.

Kate: I have a very great curiosity for words; I think there *is* a word for everything. It's a great gift to be very eloquent but the only dialogue that I've ever been involved in is in this film.

[clip from Miranda's entrance in 'The Line, The Cross, And The Curve']

Tania: Kate was delighted when award-winning actress, Mirranda Richardson, agreed to play the lead role in the film.

Kate: There are area where there sould have been more dialogue; I would have liked that but we just didn't have the time to develop the story any more but really one of the scenes that I think I'm the most proud of int the film is Mirranda's entrance into the room and the dialogue that in a way sets up the whole story.

[clips from sequence for 'Moments Of Pleasure' and 'Eat The Music' from 'The Line, The Cross, And The Curve']

Tania: Kate's first 40 minute short is an impressive debut as director but if her movie-making career takes off, her fans are likely to see *less* of her rather than more.

Kate: In this particular film I took on the role as the singer and I think in some ways by doing that I took on a bit too much. If I was to make a film, I wouldn't want to be in it so much, just maybe a tiny bit.


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