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August 1993

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Date: Mon, 16 Aug 93 8:49:57 GMT
From: clive@mdis.co.uk (Clive Backham)
Subject: Kate on the Radio (UK) Aug. 1993

As I was driving in to work this morning (Aug 16th), I turned on the radio and what should be playing but "Rubber Band Girl". I guess I came in about half way through. Initial impressions: well, I prefer Moments of Pleasure. Hell, I even prefer Rocket Man. The main problem is the drums. They are frankly boring and annoying. If it's not a drum machine, the drummer is trying his best to sound like one.

(BTW, I will at this point admit my heresy and say that I have the same problem with the drums in RUTH, and have never much liked that track. There I've said it now. I feel much better :-)

Back to "Rubber Band Girl". It sort of reminded me of "Ken" in parts. Is this the one Prince is on? It sounded like it could be him on guitar. The single will be released in the UK on Sept 6th. The album will be released on Oct 4th.

So far so good. Imagine then my surprise when it transpires that her KaTeness herself had dropped in unannounced and was being informally interviewed between the records that are played. You will appreciate of course that my car radio/cassette does not have a record function, so the following quotes are from memory and are unlikely to be the exact words. The DJ is Simon Mayo, who has a rather wicked sense of humour. Some people hate him, others like him alot. In the following, all his apparently stupid comments are intentionally lighthearted:

SM: Now, you've only ever done the one tour, back in 1979. Are you going to do another one soon?

KB: I think it's extremely unlikely.

SM: Why? What happened on that tour to make you think, "I'll never do this again"?

[Kate than gave the usual info about how it was very hard work but enjoyable nevertheless. Also the usual stuff about concentrating on studio work. Then said she had thought about doing a few shows to go along with the album, but is now planning a short film instead]

SM: Is this your way of saying that you will never tour again?

KB: Well, maybe not *never*, but not in the foreseeable future.

SM: Like, not in this millenium?

KB: Yes, I'll probably be like one of those comets that only comes round every 99 years.

[Another record played. "Boomshakalak"(sp?) by Apache Indian, I think]

SM: There are alot of famous people on the new album, aren't there?

KB: Well, there are alot of great guitarists. Eric Clapton plays on one track, he plays beautiful guitar.

SM: Eric?.... Eric Clapton? Yes, I think I've heard of him.

KB: And Jeff Beck plays on one track. I think I'm going for the full set.

[I was hoping for some humourous reference to Jimmy Page, he being the third member of that famous club, but none was made]

[Other records played. Other chat about why the album is called The Red Shoes, with the usual answers about Micheal Powell's film]

SM: What sort of music do you listen to these days, apart from 1FM, of course, which I'm sure you have on continuously. (Radio 1 FM is the station this interview was on). What gives you inspiration?

KB: I don't listen very much, because I spend most of my time making music. I like Talk Talk alot.

SM: Haven't thay just split up?

KB: Not as far as I know. I think they're making another album at the moment.

SM: I guess you know more about these things than me.

[Simon thanks Kate for dropping in, and mutters things about EMI publicity for failing to warn him. More records played]

SM: Kate, can you just sign this. Put something like, "To Simon, my one true love. Love from Kate". [No audible response from Kate, who we assume has left the studio]

[Next record played]

SM: Kate has signed my copy of Rubber Band Girl, "To Simon, you old git. Lots of love, Kate"

I'm sorry I can't remember everything Kate said, but the above covers most of the salient points. Kate sounded her usual cheerful self. If anyone is wondering how Kate can just drop in on the nation's number one radio show (in terms of listening audience) and hang around chatting for about 15-20 minutes, I have the following observations to make that may not be apparent to those of you in the States:

1). British Radio, especially Radio 1, has a very informal style. I don't think the live shows are planned very much.

2). Whereas in the States, I believe Kate is basically unknown except to her small band of fans, in Brtiain she is dearly loved by huge numbers of people, even though most of them have only ever heard "Wuthering Heights". She commands admiration and respect from nearly all sections of the public. I would go so far as to say that she is the first pop star to enjoy this since the Beatles. (Cliff Richard doesn't count, because he makes crap music).

Clive Backham


From: E Welsh <welsh@epcc.edinburgh.ac.uk>
Date: Mon, 16 Aug 1993 10:04:51 GMT
Subject: Re: Kate on the Radio (UK)

I thought I'd add a little to what Clive Backham wrote:

> [Other records played. Other chat about why the album is called The Red Shoes, with the usual answers about Michael Powell's film]

Initially, when asked why the album was called The Red Shoes she responded with "why not?" which frustrated Simon a little bit but got a giggle from Diane and Rod (who do the weather and news respectively).

> [Simon thanks Kate for dropping in, and mutters things about EMI publicity for failing to warn him. More records played]

He was referring to Kate's somewhat infuriatingly unhelpful answers, like:

SM: What can you tell us about "The Red Shoes" in relation to your other albums.

KB: It's more recent. It's not as old as some of the other ones.

SM: Hhmmm. Is there anything else you'd like to tell us about the album other than that it's not as old as the other ones.

KB: No.

I've Simon take the crap out of people for much less hassle than Kate gave him. He managed to hold back for the most part or maybe he wasn't on form today. Maybe he was in awe of her charm and couldn't bring himself to say a bad word against her...

Btw, RB was allegedly also played on Radio Forth this morning.

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