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KZSC radio
Santa Cruz, CA
Dec. 1989

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From: Ken Woodruff femto@ucscb.ucsc.edu
Date: Thu May 10 1990
Subject: KZSC radio in Santa Cruz Dec. 1989 (one quote)

A friend of mine participated in a telephone interview with Kate Bush last December sponsored by the record company.

I recently heard this tidbit and couldn't resist posting it, pardon if it was already posted:

Phil Benson (KZSC radio in Santa Cruz): Could you share an interesting story from the making of the current album?

Kate: Well yes, there is quite a nice story in context of what I was saying earlier about Sensual World, the song, how its based on the solilquy at the end of Ulysses and the pacing word is yes, yes, all the time. And so because we had a lot of energy going into this while we were making the album it became quite a feature. When we worked with the Trio Bulgarka their names, Yanka, Eva, Solyanka (sp?). And when they stand in line and you write their initials on the desk they spell 'yes', 'y', 'e', 's'; and we thought that was a pretty nice coincidence.

That was from her mouth, ladies and gentlemen, and I must say it is just as silly as something LHs might dredge up.

--Ken Woodruff

To the Reaching Out (Interviews) Table of Contents

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