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Capitol Radio
Sept. 1989

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From: John Precedo <jp@doc.imperial.ac.uk>
Date: 28 Sep 89 19:12:21 GMT
Subject: Capitol Radio Sept. 1989

Hello again, all Love-Hounds everywhere!

On my local commercial radio startion (Capital Radio), there was an interview with Kate herself. Considering there are a LOT of people out there who don't listen to this station, I thought that I'd post a transcript of it. It was actually on the air about a week and a half ago, but with holidays and the time it took me to transcribe it...anyway there was some interesting stuff on it. All the attempts at punctuation are mine - but bear in mind before you flame me that it was off the radio.

Oh well, read it and mentally digest...... --John

Announcer: ...but in the last four years since the "Hounds of Love" album, Kate Bush has been working on a new album - "The Sensual World". David Jensen was given a rare opportunity to catch up with her in her North London Home.

KT: It's not a pleasant experience for me the fact that it takes so long, but I can't do anything about it. So much work just seems to go into it for me until it is finished. I just had to keep taking breaks, so I'd take maybe six months off rather than just a couple of weeks, just to get away from it.

DJ: Why did you call the album "The Sensual World"?

KT: An album title is a very difficult thing. It's got to say, hopefully, something about the mood of the album, but also be an interesting enough phrase or title to catch people's attention - and that felt about the best one, really, to call the album.

DJ: Church bells signal the start of "The Sensual World". What gave you the inspiration for that?

KT: The original words for this song were taken from Molly Bloom's speech at the end of "Ulysses" by James Joyce, and I couldn't get permission to use the words. The original words were all about going back to a time when her husband proposed to her, and so the wedding bells were like the start of the whole song.

DJ: Your songs on this album are complex, aren't they? Unlike previously, I mean when you started out; it's easy to remember, it seems like yesterday when "The Kick Inside" came out, and the songs were more straightforward. But with each successive album you've become more, I guess "progressive" or you've been more adventurous. Is that something deliberately that you're doing, or is it just a consequence of growing with your music?

KT: I don't know. I mean, I think really that art should become simpler rather than more complicated; and in a lot of ways it worries me that I think this album is quite a complex thing, and I think that most people will have to listen to it DEFINITELY more than twice just to maybe even get a sense of it. That's hard for me to understand, because I just don't HEAR it like that, and ideally I would like the music to be an easy experience. But I think people's music is a reflection of that person; and in the same way that it takes me such a long time to make an album, I think it's all a process of me growing and that's just the way I am.

DJ: After four years, are you apprehensive about how it willl be recieved, or are you pretty confident?

KT: At the moment, I feel like I'm about to be hung. You know - will I get off, or will I be hung?

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