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Rock Over London
with Paul Cooke
Dec. 1985

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Date: Fri, 17 Aug 90 12:39:15 PDT
From: ed@das.llnl.gov (Edward Suranyi)
Subject: Rock over London, Dec. 1985

I just got a whole bunch of Rock Over London shows in the mail today, from late 1985 and early 1986. I don't mean bootlegs -- I mean the actual LPs that went to the radio stations who broadcast this show. I already had one from August of 1985 when RUTH was played for the first time -- the host, Graham Dene, seemed very excited about it.

At the end of December 1985 they played a countdown of the top 20 albums of that year. Hounds Of Love was number 17.

Here's the big thing: at the beginning of that month they broadcast an INTERVIEW with Kate! Although she doesn't say anything we haven't heard hundreds of times, and it's only four minutes long, the interview is one that I, at least, hadn't heard before. Here it is:

D: Graham Dene, the host of ROL.

C: Paul Cooke, the interviewer.

K: Kate.

D: You might like to know that in three weeks time on Rock Over London you'll be able to hear our review of the British rock year, and the re-emergence of Kate Bush will have to go down as one of the comebacks of '85, with her album Hounds Of Love and two hits: "Running Up That Hill" and "Cloudbusting". Well, Kate's been chatting with Paul Cooke, who first asked her about the concept behind Hounds Of Love.

K: It's, uh, two separate pieces for me really, the A and the B side. The A side is five individual songs, perhaps linked by the theme of love, but very much individual songs for me. And the second side is a concept -- seven songs that are linked together, and it's very much one story, about someone who's in the water for the night, and how they manage to cope with the situation until morning.

C: You call the second side "The Ninth Wave" and you quote Tennyson. Why?

K: Well, rather than it being inspired by Tennyson as a lot of people have presumed, it was completely the other way around, in that I was looking for a title for the piece, and there was no line from the songs that was -- no title that was really right for the whole side, so I started looking through books for quotes, et cetera, and just found this quote from the ninth wave, by -- about the ninth wave that seemed so parallel -- the idea of waves moving in cycles of nine so that it all builds up to the ninth and then begins again. So, it was used as the title.

C: You're considering making a film about it. Could you tell us about that?

K: It's what I'd like to do next, is the major project if I could. And, it is really just talk at the moment, and I won't know, I suppose, until next year if that is going to be a feasible thing or not. But I would love to do that next.

C: Do you find that a lot of people don't quite understand your work, maybe think it's a little bit mystical?

K: I think there's a lot of people who don't understand necessarily what I'd originally conceived as the idea, but I don't know if that's very important. I think if people feel they understand it on any level, then I've achieved something and that's great.

C: Could you explain a couple of your songs? First of all, "Running Up That Hill". What's that about?

K: It's about two people who are very in love, and it's about the power of the love and how that can get in the way sometimes, and how if they could swap places -- if the man could become the woman and the woman the man that perhaps in areas they'd understand each other better and there would be less problems between them.

C: The other song I'd like to know about is "Cloudbusting".

K: Yes, that was very much inspired by a book by a man called Peter Reich, and the book's called A Book Of Dreams. And it's about a very magical relationship between himself when he was a child and his father. And it's all written through a young boy's point of view, and it's so innocent and sad, and it was just the inspiration for the song.

C: Now, what about doing some live dates? I mean, a lot of people would love to see you again.

K: Well, I really would like to, and I've been saying this for so long, and it's just a matter of when it's the right time. Obviously, if I can go ahead with "The Ninth Wave" as the next project, then I don't think there would be time for a tour. But if that's not feasible, then who knows? So there's a possibility.

C: What about going to America?

K: Um, that's a very strong possibility. I've only been there a couple of times, and that was a long while ago now but, yes, I would very much like to go to New York.

C: Well, thank you very much for coming to see us, and all the best with things.

K: Thank you.

D: Kate Bush, chatting with Paul Cooke, and let's hope that feature film comes off.

As we all know, it didn't, and neither did a tour.


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