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Unknown Birthday interview

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Date: Wed, 4 Sep 1991 03:21:25 -0700
From: rhill@pnet01.cts.com (Ronald Hill)
Subject: Unknown Birthday interview 1983

Unknown Birthday Call

This is a phone-in for one of Kate's birthdays. I don't know the year, but it is probably around 1983. This may be the first time in which Kate mentioned Del's name specifically.

[Transcribed by Ron Hill. Thanks to IED for providing the tape.]

I: A lady's just called who's got her birthday tomorrow and who's vanished, I mean for about the last I've been asking what she's doing and where she's going, and no one knows. Kate Bush, happy birthday tomorrow, for a start. But what have you been doing Kate?

K: Where have I been? I've been working on promoting the last album till more or less the end of last year and quite honestly I've never worked on an album that has taken so much away from me, mentally and physically, I was very, very tired. And I quite honestly think year has been sorta drawing me back again - I've been writing songs and working on stuff for another album.

I: I was talking to your record company, Kate, and they were going "she's marvelous, except for one thing - you could never get her out on the road to do gigs." Why not?

K: [Kate laughs] Well, I think the biggest thing is money.

I: WHAT! [Laughs] You're sure not short of a few bob, come on!

K: Well, I don't think you realize how much they cost, that's the problem. The last tour I did was so expensive, I lost a lot of money on it.

I: Of course, that was an enormous concert tour in every sense. Not only were there a lot dates but it was a dance extravaganza, wasn't it?

K: Well that's the problem, it's not just the music that we're dealing with, we're working on a whole theatrical scale where dance and theatre are all being involved with the music. So...

I: So there's no chance, really, of you going on the road in the near future. What's going to happen as far as recording's concerned?

K: Well, as I said I'm working on my next album at the moment and I hope very much that will be out next year and then I'll be able to work on a show again.

I: Well presumably you won't be to tired to celebrate your birthday tomorrow.

K: Oh, certainly not.

I: What you going to do? K: I'm just going to have a very quite celebration with my family.

I: Well, that sound great.

K: Yeah.

I: We never hear any dirty gossip about you and fellas, Kate. [Kate laughs] Why not?

K: Well it's probably 'cause I've got a very nice fellah.

I: Oh, [tape cuts] what's his name?

K: His name's Del.

I: Del?

K: Yeah.

I: Del from where?

K: Ah, Del from Kent.

I: Right. In that case, this if for both of you, thanks very much for talking to us.

K: Thank you.

I: Happy birthday tomorrow, and let's hear you on record and see you on stage.

K: Thanks alot.

I: Bye, now

K: Bye, bye.

[Babooshka is played]

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