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Birthday interview
with Andy Peebles
Radio 1 - July 30, 1982

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Date: Tue, 27 Aug 1991 23:21:47 -0700
From: rhill@pnet01.cts.com (Ronald Hill)
Subject: Birthday interview with Andy Peebles, Radio 1 July 30, 1982

Kate's Birthday

With Andy Peebles, Radio 1

July 30, 1982

[Transcribed by Ron Hill. Thanks to IED for providing me with the tape]

I: Many happy returns to you.

K: Thank you!

I: I'm not going to be personal and ask how old you are 'cause that's very cheeky, have you had a good day?

K: It's been lovely, thank you.

I: Am I allowed to be inquisitive and ask what's the best present you've had so far?

K: Gosh! Well I haven't had very many 'cause I haven't any of my friends...

I: Hmm..

K: But, ah....

I: Is this a complaint, Kate, or a statement? [Laughs]

K: Oh, not it's not a complaint at all, cause I've had some lovely ones already, it's just I've hardly had any yet.

I: What sort of things do you like for your birthday? I mean for people who know Kate Bush they may be sat their thinking "I wonder what Kate would like me to get her for her birthday?" I mean what sort of things do you appreciate, silly things?

K: Well I think the thing that's most important is that the person shows that people have actually thought about you, and I think that's the thing that I find the most moving thing.

I: I wouldn't know what to get you, you see. I've been sat here thinking "what would I buy Kate if I knew her well enough to buy her a present?" [Kate laughs] But it's very nice to have you on the program. Kate, tell me about your new single The Dreaming, which I must admit I find fascinating.

K: Oh, you do!

I: Yes, I do.

K: Oh, good. Well really it's a song about the Australian Aborigines who've been treated incredibly badly by the white man...

I: Hmm.

K: ...but It doesn't just apply to Aborigines, I think we've done our fair share of being cruel to people. And certainly to the red Indians in America, all this sort of thing.

I: So it's a bit of a social statement.

K: It is, but thank God the Aborigines are getting themselves together again. There all starting to grow, there are much more of them now then there were even a few years ago.

I: Found yourself a wonderful, isn't it, the Aborigines getting themselves together.

K: Yeah.

I: Down under in the Antivities [??? spelling]. Kate, when can we see you touring again, cause lot's of people love watching your concerts, when are you going to be on the road again.

K: Well, I think that I can't really say at this point in time. I really do want to do another tour, badly. But, um... ah, well.... from the way the last one was it just cost so much money and so much effort and time to get it together, that it needs an incredible amount of preparation, really. I'm just trying to see when is the first time that I can realisticly fit it in.

I: Well, I'm sure when you've got it prepared and organized they're be ques of people hunting for tickets and enjoying your shows.

K: Oh, I hope so...

I: It's been lovely taking to you, very many happy returns and have a super birthday.

K: Thank you very much.

I: And here comes that lovely record. See you soon, bye!

[Tape cuts]

K: ...see you!

I: There we are, Kate Bush, on the telephone line and this is The Dreaming.

[The Dreaming is played]


Date: Wed, 28 Aug 1991 18:17:24 -0700
From: jeffy@lewhoosh.umd.edu (Jeffrey C. Burka)
Subject: Re: Kate's Birthday interview '82 [correction]

Ron provides yet another great interview (I really liked this one)...

> I: Found yourself a wonderful, isn't it, the Aborigines getting themselves together.

K: Yeah. I: Down under in the Antivities [??? spelling].

This would be "Antipodes," a British slang term referring to Australia and New Zealand.


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