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German interview
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Date: Tue, 3 Sep 1991 23:01:10 -0700
From: rhill@pnet01.cts.com (Ronald Hill)
Subject: German interview in Munich 1982

KT in Munich, Germany

TD ???

[transcribed by Ray Russell]

K: It's a pleasure to be here

I: Oh, thank you. It's not the first time we meet?

K: No, not at all.

I: I was looking very forward to the second time

K: Yeah me too.

I: Well you haven't changed, that's my first question because uh you became a big star. You have started when we met the first time, but now you are one. Would you say you've changed?

K: Uh, Yes, I think I have. Yeah, um I've learnt a lot so obviously that would change me. But it's good, I'm really glad that I've learnt a lot and there's so much more to learn.

I: Kate Bush normally I ask questions you know people may interest but that's a question that interests myself. Kate I see on stage that uh makes you a little bit special. You are sometimes a little unreal on stage uh it's a you're dancing, you're full of expression, but have you here it's a very normal, nice and friendly girl. What's the true Kate Bush, the very you know sophisticated on stage which is dancing and actin', or the girl sittin' here smoking, laughing, whatever?

K: I think We're all her. There's many of me, and uh I'm me at the moment.

I: Mmmm And you're you at the moment here, and you are on the moment on stage.

K: Uh yes. When I'm on the stage I'm there, and when I'm me I'm here. Yeah

[Breathing is played]

I: Out in out in, Kate Bush and today she's in. Kate Bush live in....Kate, you have a lot to do now you came from Holland you did some dates here, some dates there, and of course the press is very interesting and I'm sure that a lot of people think about you, they try to ask you some very specific things what do you think about the questions from journalists. Because you know just Kate Bush will be asked some very special things, not where you were born, where you first got your first Gibson guitar...

K: Mmm, Well interestingly enough, I was saying to a journalist today that uh all the interviews I've done today in Munich were incredible the questions were very clever, very precise, they'd done all their research, they knew a lot, and uh I really enjoyed talking to them. The standard was incredible and compared to the English press, on average it was just superb, wonderful.

I: They care more about music and those things then about the person?

K: Yes. And,that's what I'd like to talk about I love to talk about my music because that's what I love. It gets very boring for me to sit and talk about myself all the time you don't normally do that?

I: And they asked you whether you liked blond, tall boys and so on, and so rubbish. Do you like them?

K: Yeah!

[Army Dreamers is played]

I: [In German: Army Dreamers, Kate Bush the number 1 singer in England?] Kate Bush,are you surprised about your success in England because a lot of artists are very successful in Germany wherever Europe, but not in England. You are successful in England and in the rest of Europe.

K: It makes me very happy. And I think especially because it's my home land. That really means a lot to me because I live in England. And to see that being reflected amongst my friends and where I live, it's really special.

I: Well Kate Bush all the record companies are very sad and all the artists they look for her sales because it's not so good for the moment the people are not buying so much records as they did before uh but does they doesn't care at in this time. What means you, I mean you sell records I think, every record is selling more than the other one.

K: I think the interesting thing is that although the sales are down, there's an incredible amount of really good new material. I mean just, I can't remember the last time there were so many top acts having their albums out, and the quality being so high,I mean in England it's just been going number one one week out number one one week-out, it's incredible.

I: Well Kate, uh you did dancing on stage, you're a singer, you have a lot of movements in your, in your shows. Is there still room for new ideas?

K: Oh, I think so. I think they're always - there's always room for them, as long as you can keep open and let them in I mean there's just inspiration everywhere, everywhere you look.

I: Kate, that's it. I have to thank you very very much.

K: Thank you

I: And, it was a second time now - maybe there will be a third time?

K: Oh, I hope so - third time's lucky so it'll be good one. You will.

I: I hope so- third times lucky, eh?. Uh we'll have a chance to see you in Munich in the near future, on stage of course?

K: On stage. No there are no plans for a tour.um, It's such a big decision.

[tape cuts]

I: ..more than just stand on stage and singing, huh?

K: Yeah, and it's really the size of this that frightens me - but I really want to tour again, yeah.

I: If you ask us, we wait for you so make your decision. We've got to say welcome.

K: Thank you.

I: I hope it's going to be soon. Is there a chance to see you not on tour, but uh maybe just for shopping in Munich or for eating, mmm?

K: Well I hope so, yes. I'll come back to see it.

I: You like Munich?

K: I love it very, very much

I: We say thank you now, good bye Uh you should see me in the other interviews I'm I don't know myself today you know. I'm so sorry I don't know why...


This interview was interesting as the interviewer translated everything into German right after saying it.

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