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Issue 21
Autumn 1995

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From: R.Jones@mirinz.org.nz
Date: Tue, 12 Sep 1995 12:58 +1200
Subject: Kate in "Courses" No. 21 Autumn 1995

A friend of mine has just returned from 3 months in the UK. In addition to bringing me the TWS and TSF videos which I asked him to get from HMV in Oxford St (to be really genuine), he also brought back a copy of the English magazine 'Courses'. Issue No. 21 - Autumn 1995, has Kate as the cover picture and a one page article inside. The story is the usual biographical stuff that won't be news to gaffans.

However, her message is 'listening to and trusting your inner voice - own judgement etc'. When asked about the upheavals of the 1990's (death of mother, breakup with Del etc), she says that in the end you have to listen to the voice within - the one you hear when you're going to sleep. When asked about her experience of directing her own movie she says:

"If there comes a time when I can only manage an album a decade, it will be good to have something else to keep me busy. And anyway, you learn so much just by jumping in at the deep end".

I think we can take heart from this. She must be planning more albums and if they take too long to produce, then maybe we'll get some movies in between.

Ain't Life Grand!

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