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"Bush On Film"
December 1993

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Article from NOW, "Toronto's weekly news and entertainment newspaper".

NOW magazine, December 16, 1993

Bush on film

Evidently, British pop siren Kate Bush has a soft spot for Canada. Though she hates to fly, she made Toronto the only North American stop besides New York on a promo tour for her newest record, The Red Shoes, and the premiere of her directorial debut film, The Line, The Cross and The Curve.

The 50-minute short loosely links six songs from the album with the Red Shoes fairy tale of a dancer whose ballet slippers refuse to stop dancing. The film is a far cry from Michael Powell and Emeric Pressburger's 1948 classic. In essence, it's a long form video, and Bush is the first person to agree this isn't the film she really wanted to make. But since EMI is willing to pay for it, why not answer when opporunity knocks?

"In a way, it was very restrictive because it's not my conceptual piece from scratch. Also, I'm working around the songs and I had to put myself into the film. I would've preferred to cast myself in a smaller role.

"It wasn't the ideal situation because it was very rushed and we had little money. But it was an intense project. And I'm very glad I went through it, even if the film is not received well, because I learned so much."

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