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Musician (excerpts)
Dec. 1989

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Date: Mon, 20 Nov 89 00:14:03 PST
From: ed@das.llnl.gov (Edward Suranyi)
Subject: Musician Dec. 1989, MM Oct. 1989 excerpts

First of all, there's a very favorable review of the album in the December issue of Musician magazine. Since this magazine is fairly widely available in the US, I will only quote a few lines from it:

"All it takes is a single listening of The Sensual World to understand why it's been four years since Kate Bush released an album; a song cycle as rich and deep as this takes a while to mature."

Well, suffice to say that nearly every line of this review says something good about the album. If anyone needs to see the entire review, please e-mail me.

Kate's mentioned a couple of other times in this issue as well. There's an article about the Innocence Mission, in which the writer says, "Kate Bush on Valium might sound like this.. ."

To the Reaching Out (Interviews) Table of Contents

"The pull and the push of it all..." - Kate Bush

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