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Melody Maker
Interview with Nigel Kennedy (excerpts)
October 28, 1989

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Next, from the Oct. 28 issue of Melody Maker :

There's an interview of Nigel Kennedy, the classical violinist who has played on some of Kate's tracks. Here's an excerpt:

"EMI Classical's rising star, who won a gold disc and the BPI Classical Record Of The Year Award for his Elgar Violin Concerto, and has just gone straight into the album chart, at number 43, with his recording of Vivaldi's "Four Seasons" [this could never happen in America], has also played on albums by Talk Talk, Paul McCartney, Judie Tzuke and has been working with Kate Bush on te long awaited follow-up to 'The Hounds of Love', 'The Sensual World'."

Then, later in the interview:

"Kennedy makes no secret of his intense admiration for Kate Bush and the two have been close friends ever since he worked with her on 'Experiment IV'. This time around, he contributed to two tracks on 'The Sensual World'.

"'She's just a great musician, so inspired in her attitude to music. I think she's one of the greatest composers of the century in my opinion. That's another type of music that relates to my way of thinking. You can call it classical, whatever, it just takes in influences from all over. The main song I played on was "The Fog", where I played the counter melody to her vocal. I also did chord banks on another song -- "Heads We're Dancing". We did it in her own 48-track studio. It was all acoustic. I think it's about the best studio sound I've ever had -- her boyfriend Del is a great engineer.'"

That's it for now, folks.

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