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Der Spiegel
13. November 1989

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Date: Fri, 1 Dec 89 11:14:12 pst
From: well!sommers@cogsci.berkeley.edu (William Sommers)
Subject: Der Spiegel 13. November 1989

Julian West writes:

> Last week's edition of the (West) German newsweekly Der Spiegel has a box pic of Kate with a few paragraphs commenting on Heads We're Dancing. My German wasn't good enough to translate it, and now my friend has taken his magazine back. But if anyone wants to find it, the issue has a picture of the Berlin stuff on the cover.

That would be the 13. November 1989 issue (page 310), the first edition following the opening of the borders.

Here is a (mostly literal) translation of said blurb:

Kate Bush, 31 (photo), English pop-singer with a predilection for intricate music, apologized as a precaution against possible historical misunderstandings. On her latest album "The Sensual World" she sings in a title "Heads We're Dancing" of dancing through a night in 1939 with Adolf Hitler. Only through a newspaper photograph in the morning does the night reveler learn the true identity of her charmer. Kate Bush on the unsuspecting dancer: "The woman hereafter believes she could have influenced him and might have changed the course of history, had she recognized him. Of course there's no reason for her to blame herself. Adolf Hitler fooled a lot of people, and I don't believe anyone can blame them for that." A friend, who told of a encounter with a witty and well-read man, provided the inspiration for her song; only after the fact did he -- shocked and furious about the incident --learn that he had been speaking with J. Robert Oppenheimer -- the father of the atomic bomb. "The devil", sings Kate Bush, "is a charming man."

(The photo is pretty standard stuff. Black and white, about 2.5 x 4", of her sitting on a typical photographer's set, her legs tucked under and upper body well posed. Hair is short, likely tied back. Wearing faded jeans and a black tank-top. Possibly barefoot, but cannot really tell.)

- Bill - sommers@well

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