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CD Review
"Positive Female Energy"
by Len Brown
December 1989

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Some time ago I promised to type in the article from CD review. As I have not seen anyone else do it - here it is. Unfortunately, it is only a shorter rewrite of Len Brown's article in NME 7/10/89 (transcribed earlier by IED) but I will include it for the sake of completeness since Brown's text surrounding Kate's quotes is different.

From CD Review - December 1989

Len Brown Copyright Oasis Publishing Ltd.

Positive Female Energy

Four years. Is it really that long since Hounds of Love?

Len Brown asks Kate Bush why.

"I find it extraordinary that people should want to write about me when I do so little. I just pop out and do an album and go away again." Kate Bush doesn't really behave like your average pop star. While most performers, addicted to the limelight, either rush out records at regular intervals and/or court publicity in the popular media, Bush goes out of her way to avoid attention. "Reclusive" seems something of an understatement.

[The rest of the article can be found here, at an unrelated site.]

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"The pull and the push of it all..." - Kate Bush

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