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New Musical Express
"Down at the old Bul' and Bush"
by Len Brown
November 12, 1988

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(This article was taken from Andrew Marvick's The Garden.)

Len Brown's New Musical Express interview, November 12, 1988

[Edited by Andrew Marvick.]

Down at the old Bul' and Bush

Kate Bush and Yanka Rupkina sit on a bean-bag couch and sing to me, Bulgarian style; Rupkina bleating high and joyous above Bush's harmony.

Short but sweet, a brief musical meeting of East and West, it's the sort of sensual aural treat every philanthropist would wish to share with the world. Except that the World would have been pushed to fit in this studio broom cupboard off Upper Street, Islington.

[The rest of the article can be found here, at an unrelated site.]

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"The pull and the push of it all..." - Kate Bush

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