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Toronto Star
"Pop's Siren Puts Lyrical Tales On Film"
by Peter Goddard
Nov. 24, 1985

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Date: Sun, 24 Nov 85 19:04:30 est
From: Henry Chai <chai%utflis%toronto.csnet@CSNET-RELAY.ARPA>
Subject: Toronto Star, Nov. 24th 1985, on the Cloubusting video

Today's (Nov 24) Toronto Star carries an article on the Cloudbusting video which took up 1/3 of the front page of the entertainment section by a Peter Goddard. I'm quoting parts of the article,especially KB's words:

Look for Donald Sutherland's face to shine through on Cloudbusting, the new video from fairytale rocker Kate Bush


Tomorrow yet another video will burst on to your screen. Called Cloudbusting, it comes from Hounds of Love, the latest album by Kate Bush, British rock's mystery vamp -- the singer who hates touring and hides behind a swirl of sensuous imagery in her songs.

"We're treating it as a piece of film," she told me a few days ago, "and it really came down to choosing the right actor for it. I couldn't think of anyone better than Donald Sutherland. I think he's a very sensitve actor, as well as extremely professional and patient. So I found a contract for him, sent him the script and found that he was interested in doing it. He just so happened to have the days free."


"Early next year is when I'm going to make a decision about touring. The commitment of time and effort is one of the big considerations. I think television can go a lot farther than I can on a tour. And a lot quicker. "Video is making new experiments all the time but I think it's going through an exploited stage at the moment. To me, a lot of videos are too `busy'. There are a lot of things happening but quite often they're not telling the story. I understand part of the problem.

"It's frustrating, but sometimes a single chosen for its musical value can be vey hard to put a visual to. Some-times you have to compromise between what's seen and what's heard. In my video, we had such a strong story to tell it was the perfect one to view as a short film and not a promotional device."

Her music has been rich in roles to play [...] Now she's extending this role-playing to video-making.

"My approach is to become on video the particular character required at the time. It's a bit like acting because quite often in my songs there's a character in a particular setting. When I write a song it's almost as if I'm writing a script."

She admits that she would feel pressure to make any live concert as visually lavish as her videos. "Theatre is quite a different world than film. Film is very intimate. It's just the camera seeing what it's pointed at. You can't see anything beyond that. But when you're on stage, people's eyes can wander from the ceiling to the floor, there's so much they can take in. In video, you have control."

BTW, the color photo that accompanies this article is one of the three `limited edition' KB photos that can be ordered from EMI (UK). (the one with the blue background)

Also, I think that it should be Peter Reich who'd be thanking KB and not vice-versa; now many people in the world will be introduced to Wilheim Reich and Orgonomy because of a video!

-- henry

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