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Smash Hits
28. Aug. 1985 (excerpts)

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Date: Fri, 13 Sep 85 10:15:44 edt
From: Doug Alan <nessus>
Subject: Smash Hits 28. Aug. 1985 (extracts)

There is an article/interview with Kate Bush in the 28 August - 10 September 1985 Smash Hits. Some quotes:

She had a number one single when she was 18, and followed that with a string of hits. Then she vanished. So what happened? Did she disappear to France? Did she turn into an 18-stone blob? No she didn't, actually, reports Chris Heath...


Those days ["The Kick Inside", "Lionheart" -- Doug], despite her success, most people thought of her as a rather weird doctor's daughter with the "funny" voice and the funnier dances who said either "amazing" or "wow" (or possibly both) whenever she opened her mouth.

They only took her a bit more seriously a couple of years later when she had a hit about nuclear war ("Breathing"), and then another about a boy who grows up wanting to be a soldier ("Army Dreamers".


Then things went a bit wrong. Her last LP, "The Dreaming" in 1982, had no big hit singles and met with mixed response. Some said it was her best record ever...

It was!

It is strange that in England, "The Dreaming" was a relative commercial disaster, but in the U.S., it is "The Dreaming" that got KB noticed. The relative commercial success of "The Dreaming" in the U.S. (hey, well it got up to nearly 150 on the charts!) and rave reviews of "The Dreaming" in the U.S. press caused EMI-America to finally release "Lionheart" (1978) and "Never for Ever" (1980) in 1984.

... but others either said that she was down in the dumper or just laughed because it featured Rolph Harris playing digeridoo. She's still fuming about that.

"There's so much snobishness. Their attitude was not to take him seriously but in fact on levels of musicianship he was fantastic."


She says that she is not very fond of interviews and she only does them to help launch her records -- "send it off safe into the world like you do a baby or a ship" -- so that they can earn enough money to make the next one. And she's not very much in touch with her competition in the charts. "I never listen to much contemporary music," she says, admitting that she's never even *heard* Madonna before Live Aid.

I was wrong, thank goodness! Kate just couldn't come out and say something good about Madonna! Every other time someone has asked "Do you like Foo?" she always said "Yeah, Foo is really great!" no matter who Foo is because she'll never insult anyone in specific.


When asked about the worst thing that's happened to her she snaps "I don't want to answer such a negatively based question", though she does then cryptically reply "loosing my I-Ching card and Killing Joke splitting up."


How weird. Maybe the Killing Joke bit's got to do with the fact that Youth, the band's old bass player (now in Brillian), appears on the new LP. She does say later that "Killing Joke were a band with such good energy -- I really liked 'Eighties'."

"Eighties -- I'm living in the eighties
Eighties -- I have to push, I have to struggle
Eighties -- get out of my way, I'm not for sale no more"


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"The pull and the push of it all..." - Kate Bush

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