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"Puppy Love"
Edited [written?] by Carole Linfield
September 21, 1985

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Sounds September 21, 1985
Edited [written too?] by Carole Linfield


SO THERE we stood In the Baker Street Laserium, eye to eye with Copernicus in a lacquered gold mask. Above our heads, the Bush howl yapped about 'Hounds Of Love' while the dogs at Fleet Street barked Kate! Kate! Serenely happy In the midst of all this and moving as one with a phalanx of male protectors, the Lionhearted lady seemed to be Dreaming. . .

An offer of a vodka and orange draws all the name drunks, and tonight your Jaws correspondent got EMl's money's worth, eyeing up such Romeos as Radio One producer John Walters, Paul Gambaccini and a prattle of music hacks.

Presently, the bar was closed, and we trouped forlornly into the Planetarium to be plunged, amid carefree childish shrieking and squealing, into darkness. Kate's undeniably strong voice boomed out and suddenly unbelievably vibrant rays were sketching some hippy's dreams onto several hundred upturned retinas.

Side one of the album, heavily into hearts and flowers, gave us laser Spirographs of writhing red mouths, octagons doing aerobics and Fantasia-like blooms exploding exotically into our lashes. Sido two was a tale of stream-of-consciousness drowning. . .

Blinking Into the light again, heavier drinking and food of the 'bet you can't keep this one down' variety appeared, as did Kate and her bloke, a chap with some of his hair in a plait but most of it in his sideburns.

"Ask her what she sees in that wally," snarled a certain Brilliant Youth and, after tripping over a huge promotional Wiemaraner (a dog, it's a dog), one intrepid hack decided to be direct about it.

"Are you the boyfriend?" she asked.

"Yeah, I am Del Palmer," replied the hapless soul.

"Sounds like an Italian cheese. And how long have you been with Kate?"

"Seven years."

"Tell me, why do you think she stays with you?"

Snitt. "She loves me."

"And why do you think that is?"

"Oh, I know the answer to that one!" interrupted a young Fleet Street Journo entering into the spirit. "I've already asked Kate. She says he's sensitive and placid."

"And artistic," said Del. "I play bass on the record."

Bored, Jaws scampered over to Kate for a chat. Had she been to this impressive place before?

"No." (Sweet smile.)

Was it your idea to hold the show here?

"No." (Sweet smile, fluttering lashes.)

The LP... has a theme, doesn't It? How did the idea come to you?

"Er... l don't know."

Jaws tried to prompt-we mean, be helpful. Was it, perhaps, a dream?


Ho hum, well, nice to meet you Kate.

Jaw's crammed another salmon vol-au-vent into someone's face and stumbled into the night, but one thing remains unsettled. Were there pin-tucks around those pixie ears? We forgot to check. Why, why didn't we ask about the last two years, and did she really balloon to 16 stone? Next time. . .

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"The pull and the push of it all..." - Kate Bush

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