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The Sun
"Wow! Wow! It's Raunchy Kate"
by Nina Myskow
May(?), 1979

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Photo caption 1: TOP HAT for another top hit from the wide-eyed wonder girl of the pop world.

Photo caption 2: PLAY IT again Kate! Miss Bush does a Bogart with her trilby and radio mike.

Photo caption 3: FLYING HIGH! Kate's voice soars up, up and away as she dons an airman's outfit.

Photo caption 4: HOT-SHOT ...the gypsy girl of pop turns into a gun-slinging, snake-hipped glamour girl during her seductive stage act.

Photo caption 5: BULLSEYE! Kate Bush is bang on target with her latest single, Wow.

"Wow! Wow! It's Raunchy Kate"
by Nina Myskow

AMAZING! It's Kate Bush as you've never seen her before.

Powerful. Sensuous. Raunchy. And dangerous.

The Pop world's weird and wonderful little gipsy has turned into a gun-slinging, snaked-hipped glamour girl.

A seductive siren with a deadly aim.

Kate, 20, recently packed out the London Palladlum for a week.

Our exclusive pictures captured her during her European tour, which is a complete sell-out.

Her sensational £150,000 show stuns and delights audiences everywhere.

Little Miss Bush has blossomed into Britain's biggest female superstar.

lt's rumoured that she has been offered one of the film world's top prizes -- recording the title track of the new Bond movie, Moonraker.

How does she feel about her fame?

"I certainly don't feel like a superstar," she says. "I'm not really speclal. I'm just lucky that so many people like what I'm doing."

Her hit records, like "Wutherlng Heights" (EMI) and her latest chart success, "Wow" do not prepare you for her live show.


It is a 2 1/2 hour spectacle, incorporating the most imaginative use of back-projection sets, lighting and theatrical effects.

Each number is choreographed and has its own mood and setting.

There is an excellent band, which includes Kate's brother, Paddy, three back-up singers, two male dancers and a magician, Simon Drake.

But above all there is Kate. She dominates the stage with her superb dancing and bizarre interpretations of songs.

On stage, she is amazlng. Off-stage, it's a different matter.

She's just a polite, nice, sweet, ordnary, rather boring girl.

She talks with a funny little accent and her conversation is peppered with "Amazin'," "t'rrific," "really, 'ever so fantastic."

Does she mind being an unsexy let-down to people who meet her?

She shrugs it off.

"I don't care," she says. "That's falr enough. People are going to think what they want of you anyway.

"When I'm not performing, I'm just a normal person.

"And I'm going to stay that way."


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